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It was Sunday morning. Her bottom was stinging from the spanking shehad been given the night before by Nina’s Mum which had followed far too soon after the double spanking she had received on the Friday, the day she had arrived. 20 year old Makalea was dozing on her tummy, gently rubbing her so sore bottom, when she heard Nina’s Mum walking around her bedroom and then going downstairs setting the alarm off which meant Nina was still upstairs. Moments later Makalea heard Nina get out of bed so decided she had to get up as well. She eased herself out...


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With trust in her all goals may be achieved, Because her faith can conquer all your fear.Forgetting all the times you may have grievedYour life will leave behind all throb and tear.With gentle touches bravery will grow, To persevere when doubting may arise.A woman's soul is full of strength, and so, You find your courage deep within her eyes.With modesty she fills your heart with bliss,Then deftly guides you down the honor trail.Her sole request might be a tender kiss, You know that with her love you cannot fail.With this in mind remember what is true,A woman's heart will always see you through. ...


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I was a teenager when my parents went to Hawaii for two weeks on a second honeymoon.   My Aunt Clare (my fathers 27 year old younger sister) came to stay to “keep and eye” on me.   I didn’t know it at the time but Clare was a lesbian.   My parents described this aspect of her to me as “she didn’t particularly care for men.”   I assumed, naturally enough for a teenager, that she just didn’t like guys.   I wasn’t sophisticated enough to attach any sexuality to it. Clare was something of a disciplinarian.   She told...


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