The porn actress who really gets into that

The porn actress who really gets into that

“Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It has been two years since my last confession.”Mary was a good Catholic girl. She was obedient to God and her parents, kept the Commandments, went to church regularly, followed the teachings of the Gospels, and was chaste; at least physically. Well, except for that one time two years ago, and then last night. Before last night she almost never needed to go to confession. But now …“Two years, child?” she heard the priest on the other side of the panel ask.“I am not a child, Father. I am eighteen. And a half.”The priest, Bill, who was barely thirty, had to chuckle at that. He did not recognize which parishioner was in the confessional booth, but he did recognize the indignant tone of someone who felt slighted because of their age. “Okay, young lady then. Now, two years?”“Yes Father. I have not really had anything to confess since I was sixteen. Until last night.”“Well, that is admirable,” the priest replied, having his doubts that any teenage girl in this day and age had nothing to confess. “And tell me, then, what was it that you confessed to two years ago?” The pause before her reply was long enough that the priest asked if she was okay.“Well, Father, it is, was, quite embarrassing. And unchaste. Must we go over it?”Now while the Sacrament of Penance is of extreme importance in the life of a Roman Catholic, and in the duties of a priest, actually hearing confessions can be quite boring. Especially in the evening, like now; doubly so because few Catholics actually ever go to confession any more, resulting in long hours sitting all alone in the dark. There had to be better ways for a priest to spend a Friday night. So when Bill heard the key words “embarrassing” and “unchaste”, he needed details.“Yes, young lady, we must; especially if it is connected to whatever you need to confess about from last night.” When Mary replied that it was somewhat connected, Bill gave a little fist-pump. “Okay then,” he said in his best pastoral voice, “tell me about two years ago.”“Well, Father, two years ago I let a boy kiss me. It was at my sixteenth birthday party. He … he used his tongue.” That’s it, thought Bill. A kiss. A French kiss. There had to be more.“And…?”“And nothing father. But tongue-kissing outside of marriage is wrong. Who told you that?” he asked, incredulously.“My mother.”“And when you confessed this, what did the priest tell you?”“Father Nelson told me to say three Hail Mary’s and make a good Act of Contrition.”Nelson? That senile old fart? He was probably not even listening to what the girl said. You could have murdered a nun and get just “say three Hail Mary’s and make a good Act of Contrition” as penance. “And so you have not tongue-kissed anyone since?” he asked.“No, Father. I haven’t even kissed a boy at all since then. You know, to ‘avoid the near occasion of sin’.”“Well young lady, I can tell you that tongue-kissing outside marriage is acceptable as long as it does not lead to unchaste acts. That isn’t why you’re here now, is it? Because you tongue-kissed a boy again?”“No, Father, I have not tongue-kissed a boy.” There was sarcastic indignation in her voice. “No, this was much worse.” Now we’re getting to it, Bill thought, although he didn’t want to get his hopes up too high. For all he knew, she considered holding hands “much worse”. “No, Father, I had impure thoughts, which lead me to do impure things to myself.”“I cannot imagine that a young lady that has not tongue-kissed a boy but once could be accused of impurity. Are you sure that you’ve actually sinned?”“Father, I … I … I had bad girl dreams. And … then … I abused myself.” The “abused myself” was almost a whisper.Jackpot! “Tell me, young lady, what exactly are ‘bad girl dreams’?”“You know,” she stammered, “dreams about, well, sexual things.” Again, almost a whisper.Bill could feel his penis begin to stir. It had been a while since he had heard a good sex confession from a young woman, and he was hoping this one would end the dry spell. “Young lady, I cannot help you with your sins unless I know the details. Now, when were these dreams?”“They were last night.”“And what do you suppose brought them on?”“Well, I was at my best friend Lisa’s house, and we were doing homework. The laptop we were using crashed, so we asked her older brother if we could use his. He said yes, but I think that he must have forgotten what he was using it for before us. It was already booted, but the screen was dark. As soon as Lisa hit the space bar, a series of looped video clips popped up of her brother Jim and his girlfriend Patsy, totally naked, doing very bad things.”“Sex, you mean?”“Yes, sex. Outside of marriage. And in ways that I do not believe God intended for the procreation of man.”This was getting good. “Well, I’m sure that it was disturbing to see these pictures, but I do not believe that it was your fault, or your sin, that you were unintentionally and momentarily exposed to them.”“But you see, Father, it wasn’t momentary. Lisa and I couldn’t stop watching. We sat there for what seemed like forever, as the loops repeated over and over, until Jim walked in. He quickly exited the screen, but it was too late. When I looked at him, in my mind all I could see was him naked, with his … his … his thing going in and out of Patsy.”Bill was now semi-erect. “You mean his penis in her vagina?”“Yes, and…”“Her mouth?”“Yes, and ...”“There was something else?”A long pause. “It looked like he was putting it up her … her rear-end.”Bill was now completely hard. He coughed. “Yes, well that is not totally unheard of.”“Ew! Really?”“Yes, young lady. Although oral sex is much more popular than anal sex.” He tried to sound clinically authoritative as he rubbed his hard-on through his cassock. “And, of course,” he added quickly, “neither are sanctioned by the Church. So, what else did you see?”“Well, in the one where she had his … thing …”“His penis?”“Yes, his … penis … in her mouth, and she seemed to be licking it and sucking on it until it was shooting white stuff…”“Semen?”“Yes, semen. Anyway, it was shooting it into her mouth and she was smiling and swallowing it.”“Anything else?” He just had to ask.“Well, in the picture where he was putting his thing, his … penis … in her rear-end, when he pulled it out there was this big, gaping hole; like you could actually look inside of her … up her butt-hole. And in the one where he was putting it in her vagina, when he took it out white stuff…”“Semen?”“Yes, semen, dribbled back out.”Bill could see why the girl was mesmerized. A cum-in-mouth blowjob, an anal gaping, and a pussy creampie are the “Holy Trinity”, as it were, of porn. “Still, these are all involuntary reactions. I do not believe that God will hold them against you.“But that isn’t all.”There’s more? “Go on then.”“I went right home. But all I could think of was sex. When I took my shower, I imagined that it was Jim’s hands rubbing all over my breasts, my bottom, between my legs when I washed myself. When I brushed my teeth, I imagined my toothbrush was Jim’s … um … penis, and the toothpaste was his … semen. My nipples were hard even though it wasn’t cold; and even after I peed and wiped myself, I was wet down there.”Bill unbuttoned his cassock, pulled down his zipper, reached in and pulled out his cock. Thankfully, he was in an older church where the priest and parishioner were in separate, dark booths with just a face-level, heavily screened sliding panel for an opening between them. He started to slowly stroke himself. “Well, again, it isn’t like you intentionally had these thoughts…”“Oh, but it gets worse. Much worse. I had a hard time falling asleep, but once I did, I had the ‘bad girl dreams’. I dreamed that Jim was pushing his hard penis into my vagina, and that I was loving it. That he forced it into my mouth, and I was loving it. That he was forcing it…you know…”“Up your ass?”“Father!”“Oh, come on, let’s cut out the cutesy terms. You dreamed that he was fucking your pussy and ass, and you were sucking his cock. Does that about sum it up?” There was a pause, and Bill could hear rustling sounds coming from the booth.“Oooh … Yyyess … oooh” Did he just hear her moan that answer?“Was that it?”“No. The dream became so intense that I woke up. And when I woke up, I had a finger in my ... my … pussy, and my other hand was grabbing my … tit.” Bill definitely heard rhythmic movement coming from the girl, and if he wasn’t mistaken, could detect the scent of her arousal. “It felt so good that I couldn’t stop.” There was a low moan, and he could hear a soft, squishing liquid sound. “I kept pinching each nipple, hard, wishing that it was Jim biting them.” Now the moaning was louder. “I kept shoving my finger in and out, pretending that it was Jim’s … cock … fucking … me. I found the hard nub at the top of my opening, and when I touched it, it was like electricity between my legs. I kept bumping it as my finger worked its way in and out. I was so wet … um … ‘down there’… that my sheets were soaked.” She sounded as if she were having a hard time breathing.Bill stopped working his dick so that he could listen to the girl masturbating. “Go on, dear, don’t stop.”Her voice was ragged. “I could feel my whole pelvis tightening, and my hips started bucking all on their own. I shoved my finger in one more time, hard, mashing the nub, and lost control.” He heard her panting now. Was she re-living the experience? “My … pussy … started convulsing, squeezing the finger inside and gushing liquid out as my whole body spasmed and tingled.” She started grunting in a very lewd manner. “I started to feel faint…” There was a momentary silence, then thrashing as she screamed, “Oh my god! Oh my god!” She was cumming right there in the confessional.It took a while for her to regain her composure. Bill was trying to figure out how quickly he could leave the confessional so that he could relieve his hard-on when Mary huskily asked, “What should I do, Father?”Being somewhat distracted, his knee-jerk response was, “About what?”“My bad girl dreams. My self-abuse. It was all I could think about all day. I kept running to the girl’s room and touching myself; my vagina, my nipples. I need to stop. What is the penance that will help me to avoid these thoughts and keep me from touching myself and sinning in the future?”“Get laid.” It came out before he could stop it.“What, you mean my penance is to have sex?”That wasn’t quite what he should have said, but he decided to roll with it.“Yes. I think, in this case, that in order to keep from masturbating, that is what you were doing after all, you need to have sex to calm the urges and satisfy your latent curiosity.” He paused, waiting to see if she would buy this line of bull-shit.“But Father,” she said with just a bit of frustration in her voice, “I can’t have sex with Jim. He already has a girlfriend.”Again, not the answer he expected, but he liked where this was going. He began to hatch a plan. “No, young lady, what you need is some, how should I put this, some Sacramental Sex.”“You mean with a priest?”Sure, why not? “Yes, young lady. With a priest.”“So, should I come into your side, or will you come over to my side?”Bill was momentarily stunned. He couldn’t believe that this girl was taking this hook, line and sinker. And he certainly wasn’t prepared for to fuck her right in the confessional. “No, not here; not now. I still have confessions to hear.”“But Father, if I am to avoid the dreams tonight, shouldn’t we do it now?” Which, of course, made perfect sense assuming the rest of the premise made sense, as well. “I don’t want any more sins on my soul than I already have.”Bill thought. He was a priest. He should nip this in the bud. Instead, he heard himself say, “Come to the back door of the rectory, say in half an hour. I will end confession early. Now go, and sin no more.”“Shouldn’t I say a Hail Mary or something?”“No, that won’t be necessary at this time. You’ll be on your knees later. You can say one then.” On your knees sucking my cock, he thought. Could this get any better? He heard her leave the booth, then the sanctuary as her departing steps echoed in the empty church. While he waited to see if anyone else had come for confession, he realized that the girl probably knew who he was, but he had no idea who she was. Or, what she looked like. All he knew was that she was eighteen, horny, and apparently quite gullible. He hoped that she was also attractive.After a few minutes, he locked up and hurried to the rectory to change into a clean cassock. He decided that he needn’t bother to put on anything underneath. He had just finished up when he heard a knock at the back door. Composing himself, he went to answer it; fingers crossed that the girl was half-way decent looking.He wasn’t disappointed. He opened the door to a fresh-faced teen, about four-ten, who looked younger than her stated age of eighteen; smallish breasts under a loose silk blouse opened just enough to show a hint of upper chest, a small waist and slightly swelled hips under a modest black skirt. She had flowing red hair, emerald green eyes, and wore no make-up. Not that she needed any; her peaches and cream complexion, interrupted only by a smattering of freckles on her cheekbones, shone with natural beauty. Bill motioned her in, and as she passed, he got a good look at her cute little bottom that rocked provocatively as she walked. She went straight to the living room, then turned to face him.“I’m sorry,” Bill said, “but I don’t know your name.”“Mary. And what should I call you?”“Father Bill, or just plain Bill, will be fine.”“Father Bill, then.” She paused. “So, what should we do now?”It had been quite a while since Bill had seduced a woman; the opportunities for a Catholic priest to get laid by the opposite sex being few and far between nowadays. And, past seductions had not been in the guise of him fulfilling his priestly duties; far from it since Catholic priests are supposed to be celibate. He decided that deductive reasoning would be a good approach. “Well, Mary, which sexual image brings you the most discomfort?” He expected her to say that it was the anal sex, but was surprised when she said that it was the oral. “And why is that?”“Well, I think it is because Jim’s girlfriend seemed to be participating, as opposed to just letting Jim do something to her. And, of course, his squirting his stuff ... semen ... into her mouth so that she could taste it and swallow it.”“And this is worse because…?”“Well, obviously, it was as much her fault as his. And she took his … semen … into her mouth! And she liked it!”The priest could not quite fathom the reasoning, but since he was about to be the recipient of Mary’s first cum-swallowing blow-job, it didn’t seem to matter; especially to his cock. “Well, then that is where we’ll start.” Bill took a pillow off of the couch and set it in front of him, and then unbuttoned his cassock, revealing that he was naked beneath. And erect. “Kneel in front of me.”Mary sunk slowly to her knees, staring at his protruding member. “It looks much bigger than Jim’s, Father Bill. It looks longer and thicker.” Timidly at first, but then with more confidence, she took it in her hand, using her fingers to gauge its length and girth. Her delicate fingers barely fit around it, and even with his length in both hands, there was a considerable amount of his fuck-stick still exposed. She began to lick him with her small, pink tongue; first the shaft, then the bulging, circumcised head. A hiss escaped Bill’s lips as his cock twitched reflexively from the pleasure. “Am I doing this correctly?” she asked, looking up to him with her beautiful eyes.“Yes, perfect,” was all he could out before she resumed bathing his turgid member with her saliva. For her part, Mary was mesmerized by the organ, running her fingers up and down its length. She was fascinated by the fact that it was both hard and soft at the same time, and that it was quite warm. Mimicking what she could recall of the video, she traced the prominent veins with her tongue, planting soft kisses on the crown before licking off the pre-cum that oozed from his slit. She was fascinated by the fact that touching the strip of skin that connected the bulbous head to his shaft caused an exaggerated twitching response. Bill was about to grab her head and shove his prick deep into her mouth when she finally took the tip between her lips, and then half his length. “God, yes! Yes!”Mary tried to remember what she had seen on the computer, using her hand to control the waving wand of flesh as her head bobbed up and down, sucking and releasing. She could feel him thrusting, trying to push more and more of his man-meat into her oral cavity. She took in as much in as she could, about half, choking a bit when he went any farther. After a few minutes, she pulled off. “Am I doing it right?”Bill, in a half-stupor, mumbled an affirmative reply. Despite the sinful circumstances, Mary felt some pride that her first attempt at sucking a man’s cock was a success. She took him back in her mouth, doubling her effort so that the next phase, squirting semen into her mouth to swallow, would be achieved. She didn’t have to wait long. As she continued to attack his cockhead with her tongue and stroked his saliva-soaked shaft with her hand, she felt his penis get even stiffer than it already was, and the head swell even larger. Suddenly, Father Bill grabbed her head, shoved his dick to the back of her mouth, grunted and shook; and Mary felt, then tasted, hot salty ropes of his viscous ejaculate squirt from his throbbing member. She kept her lips sealed tightly and began swallowing as fast as she could as the squirting organ continued to pump out copious amounts of its thick, white load.Bill was barely able to stand, and as soon as his dick stopped its contractions, he pulled it out of her mouth and fell back on the couch. His heart was racing; he was panting and light-headed; he had a beatific smile on his face. His cassock was splayed open across his legs; while his erection, miracle of all miracles, remained standing stiff and proud. Mary, still kneeling but sitting back on her haunches, smiled at him. “That was intense. And fun. I can see why Jim’s girlfriend looked happy. And, I wasn’t expecting your … semen … to taste good; but it did.” She actually smacked her lips. “Is there always that much … semen?”Bill was surprised by how nonchalant Mary was acting having just swallowing her first load, despite having a problem saying the word “semen.” “Well, sometimes there is more, sometimes less. It all depends.”“On what?”“On when the last time was that the man had sex.” He couldn’t believe that they were having this discussion.“So, I’m guessing that it has been a long time for you, then?”“Yes, it has,” Bill wistfully replied.“So, what is next?”A rest for my cock, Bill thought, because usually by now he was limp. But to his amazement, he was still hard, so he decided to press on. “Well, Mary, I guess we go to the sex act that disturbs you second-most.”“Oh, well, I guess it’s a toss-up. Which would you suggest, Father Bill?”Bill was sure that she was a virgin in both holes. Figuring that he might have one more orgasm in him before he wouldn’t be able to get it up, he decided that taking her vaginal virginity was the best idea. “Your pussy.”“Okay. So how naked should I be?”“Oh…um…well, completely, I guess. What did you see in the video?”“Oh, right, well both of them were completely naked, so I guess both of us should be, as well.” With that, she began to methodically disrobe. Bill, who was already naked except for his cassock, just threw that off. He was surprised that she was not the least bit hesitant in
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getting undressed in front of him. Which was fine, because it gave him the opportunity to fully examine her body as each portion came to view.And he was again struck by how young she looked. As she took off her blouse, her pleasantly rounded breasts, captured in a plain white cotton bra, were barely B-cup; although when that came off he saw that they had the most adorable, up-tilted nipples. She was very slim, with almost no hips. As she shimmied from the skirt, and then her matching white cotton bikini panties, she revealed her pubic hair to be a sparse tuft of strawberry fluffiness. It was also interesting that her mons and vulva appeared to be quite lust-swollen, and the tops of her thighs were wet. She was clearly aroused, but whether it was because of her confessional orgasm, or because she had just given him a fantastic first-time blowjob, he couldn’t be sure. She was now standing before him, naked, sexy as hell; and, apparently, not the least bit shy about it.“I think that you’ll be more comfortable in the bedroom.” Bill led her by the hand down the hall to his bed. It was obvious that he was going to have to tell her what to do, which was okay. “I want you to lay on your back, with your legs over the edge.” She obliged. “Okay, now pull your knees back to your shoulders and spread your legs.” As she opened herself to him, he saw the most beautiful pussy ever; and as her knees went fully back and her legs became wider apart, the cutest little bung-hole. He originally planned to just get straight to fucking her, but he now knelt before this carnal offering, not wanting to waste the opportunity. He inhaled the heady aroma as he brought his mouth to her already moist lips. He gave the engorged labia a soft, wet kiss.“Oh my, what are you doing?”“I’m preparing you. I enjoyed how you sucked my cock, and I think you did, too. Did you enjoy sucking my cock?”“Yes, very much.”“Well, I am returning the favor.”“But I don’t remember seeing this in the video.”“Well, this will make it easier for me to enter your pussy. Plus, I love eating pussy, as it’s called; especially a pretty one like yours. And I think that you’ll really like it.”“You think my pussy is pretty?”“Oh, yeah.”She spread her legs wider, pulled her knees back, and bent forward to examine her own twat. “I’ve never really looked at it closely. Is it supposed to be this wet? And this puffy looking?”“Yes, when you are aroused, it should look just like this.” Lesson over, he ran his tongue up her wet slit, causing her to moan and shudder as she watched. He gave a lap at the “hard nub” she had found in her masturbation, her clit, and she bucked; falling backward.“Oh my god!”He wrapped his arms around her thighs and went to town, feasting voraciously on her cunt. The taste of her juices, flowing copiously at this point, was ambrosial. He couldn’t get enough of orally testing this sweet pussy. Neither could she, as she went crazy, shoving it into his face as he licked, bit, and sucked on her pussy lips and clitty; periodically shoving his tongue into her opening. She had at least five small orgasms. He didn’t stop until she was so exhausted from cumming that she could no longer hold her legs up.He stood, his face covered in her juices, his rock-hard erection waving like a dousing rod seeking her moisture. He lifted her hips and placed a bed pillow underneath, improving the angle of entry. Spreading her legs, he began to slowly insinuate his dick; gently nudging the head between her swollen inner folds until it was centered in the entrance to her untapped tightness. He could tell that it would be a difficult fit, despite the fact that she was sopping wet from him eating her.He applied a slow, consistent pressure as he began penetrating her. He was not even glans-deep when he ran into the resistance of her hymen. She was trembling, her eyes screwed tightly shut. “Tell me if it hurts, okay?” She nodded. He continued on, gently piercing her maidenhead. He saw a tear trickle down her cheek. “Do you want me to stop?” She quickly and decisively shook her head no. He continued pushing, an inch at a time, feeling the hot, velvety pressure of her unused sheath give up its resistance and allow the intrusion of his shaft.It took a while, but he was finally fully inside her; his scrotum firmly against her rectum. He paused. He could feel her tightness squeezing him in time to her breathing, which was ragged at first but which calmed a bit as she became more accustomed to the fullness. He then began to slowly withdraw. Half-way out, he reversed, slowly pushing his thickness back into her newly deflowered vagina. He kept on eye on her face, but other than that first tear, he saw no indication that she was in pain. He began a slow, methodical pumping as his dick moved in and out, letting her get used to the feeling of being fucked. She began rocking her hips, meeting his thrusts.Soon he was really pounding her. Her sheath was proportionally as short as her body, so that she gave a little yelp each time the impact of full insertion shoved the head of his cock just up against her cervix. Her personal lubricant was splashing. He took her little breasts in his hands, squeezing and kneading them; pinching and pulling on the hard, sensitive nipples. Her eyes, which had remained shut all this time, suddenly flew open. A low, guttural sound came from deep in her throat, changing to a yell of “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” as her first orgasm from a man’s dick crashed over her. Bill was barely able to maintain penetration as her pelvis moved in ways he did not know it could.She was still in the throes of her climax when she reached up, pulled him down, and shoved her tongue into his mouth before sucking his into hers. They kept kissing, and Bill kept pumping. She wrapped her legs around behind Bill’s ass and started pulling him harder and faster than he could by himself. She began grunting in time to his thrusts. When she started cumming for the second time with a cock in her, he knew that he’d be doing the same pretty quickly. He started to pull out, not wanting to get the girl pregnant, but she sensed what he was trying to do and kept her legs locked. “It’s okay,” she panted, “I’m on the pill.” That was all Bill needed to hear, as he began ramming into her as deep as he could, finally shooting his hot seed against the entrance to her womb as her legs held him in place against her thrashing pelvis. Bill was amazed at how intense their shared orgasm was, and how long it lasted. His nuts actually ached from the effort.She held him tightly against her as they both descended from their sexual high. Sated for the moment, she whispered in his ear, “Did you, you know…?” she.“Did I fill your pussy with ‘semen’? Did I cum? Yes.”“I knew it! I could feel your … cock … really throbbing as your hot … your hot semen … was squirting deep inside my ... pussy.” This time Bill’s cock did soften, and as it slipped out, so did their commingled juices. “Ooh, I can feel your stuff oozing out, just like in the video, I can feel it,” she said, happy with herself. Bill stood on wobbly legs, looking down at the freshly fucked cunt; the now darkly engorged labia spread widely apart, her entrance beginning to drip with his essence and her hymenal blood. It was the most beautiful, erotic thing that he’d ever seen, and he said so. “Can I look at it?” she asked.“Sure.”She pulled her knees back up and spread her legs, just like earlier. “I think mine looks better than Patsy’s,” she said, rather smugly. “It looks way more ... I don’t know … juicy than hers did.”“I think it looks better than anyone’s,” Bill replied, truthfully.“Why is some of the ‘juice’ red?”“Well, when I popped your cher … er, when I pushed past your hymen, that pain you felt was your hymen tearing. The red is from your hymen bleeding. That’s typical; nothing to worry about. It probably won’t happen again.”“Cool,” she said, as she scooped up a glob of the vermillion-tinged cum with her finger, examined it, and then sucked it into her mouth. She smiled. “So, one more and we’re done?”Bill paused, amazed at how randy this little nymph was. “Well, we need to wait a bit,” he eventually replied. “You see how my cock is kind of soft right now? Well, it needs to be hard again before we go on.”“Okay,” she said, matter-of-factly. “What do we do while we wait?”He was so surprised by the fact that she was still intent on getting ass-fucked that he wasn’t quite thinking. “We could cuddle,” he said. What, he said to himself; “cuddle!?" Where the hell did that come from!? But when she scooted up onto the center of the bed and held the blanket open for him, it seemed to be the most natural thing to do. Soon they were spooning, his sticky, semi-soft cock up against that cute virgin ass, his arms wrapped around her holding each breast in the opposite hand. As they began to drift off, he kissed the back of her head and gave her a gentle hug.He had no idea how long they had been out, but when he awoke, his dick was hard again, wedged into the cleft between those cute little buns of hers. “Oh good, you’re awake,” she giggled, wiggling her ass against him. “And it feels like your … cock … is awake, too.” Another wiggle.“Are you sure that you want to do this? It will hurt more than when I fucked your pussy.”“Yeah, that did hurt a little, but it was a good hurt, and it went away pretty quickly.” She paused. “Besides, I think we need to.” She reached back and started stroking his cock. “When we were sleeping just now, the only bad girl dream that I had was about, what did you call it, anal sex? So I’m only two-thirds cured. We need to finish what we started.”Bill couldn’t argue with that logic, so he reached into the nightstand and took out a tube of lube. He had to laugh to himself. If he had to guess, it would be that a large majority of priests had one in their nightstand.“What is that for?”“Well, Mary, anal sex is a little more complicated. Your pussy has its own natural lubrication, which is why I was able to enter you without it hurting too badly. Your ass, as cute as it is, doesn’t. So, I’ll put some of this lubricant on my dick, and some in your back hole, and then I can get in more easily.”“If it is so complicated, and hurts, then why do people do it?” she asked.“Well, it isn’t for everyone. And, we don’t have to if you’re afraid.” But while those words came out of his mouth, his libido was screaming Yes! Please say yes!“I think that I need to do this; for my soul,” she solemnly replied.Relieved, Bill handed her the lube. “Okay, then you can spread this on me and then I’ll spread some in you.”Mary squirted some onto her hand and began to massage it all over his rod. It felt heavenly, and he was seriously thinking about just getting a hand job and shutting down the whole idea of anal when she said, “All done.” She handed him the tube, then got on all fours. She lowered her chest to the mattress, jutting her perfectly formed ass up, and then reached back and spread her pale, firm cheeks; making her rectum fully available. “Like this? This is what I saw Patsy do in the video.”Bill kneeled behind her, admiring the delicately puckered entrance before spreading her legs a little wider. “Just like that,” he answered. He covered his middle finger with lube, and then put a glob of the lube on the finger-tip and slowly pushed it against her anal opening. “Let me know if I’m hurting you,” he reminded her, as he felt her flinch. She relaxed, and suddenly his finger popped in. He wasn’t expecting it to go in so quickly, and the pressure he was using was more than he intended. His finger went all the way in one motion. Mary grunted. “Are you okay?”“Yes. I thought that it would hurt, but it didn’t. It feels a little strange, but a nice strange.”It didn’t hurt? A nice strange? Maybe she’s an anal natural, Bill thought to himself. He started sawing his finger in and out of her tight opening, each time adding a little more lube. Mary seemed to really enjoy the anal play, especially when he added a second finger; and was sighing and moaning as she rocked her hips back each time his digits went in. When he finally pulled them out, she actually sounded disappointed. “Don’t worry,” he said, “your ass won’t be empty long.”He lined the head of his cock, shiny with lube, up against her cute little pucker. His cock was much larger than his finger, so he was expecting way more difficulty. But, again, Mary’s sphincter just popped open and he slid in balls deep on the first push. This time Mary let out a small yelp.“Okay, that hurt a little. And I feel so full.”“I can stop if you want.”“No…no…it feels okay now; just fuller than with your finger. Give me a minute.” He could feel the ring of muscle in her anal opening flexing around the base of his shaft as he waited, buried in her tight, hot rear passage. After a minute, she said, ”Okay, I’m ready. Fuck my ass.”Incredulous of the ease at which he had taken the girl’s anal virginity, as well as her enthusiasm, he employed the same method as he had when taking her vaginal virginity; slow back strokes until just his glans was inside her opening, then slow consistent forward strokes until his balls were up against her perineum. He gradually sped up as Mary humped back, savoring the tight heat of her dark hole. Once he had a rhythm going, he reached forward, grabbing her little titties and squeezing them, abusing the hard nipples at their tips as he pumped her poop-chute. For some reason she really responded to this; increasing her back thrust.She was giving small, feral yips each time he was fully in, and he couldn’t tell if it was passion or pain. “Play with your pussy,” Bill suggested.Mary snaked a hand back and diddled her clit, but when she went to play with her open hole, realized that something was swinging back and forth into it. She touched them. “What is this?”“My balls.”“Can I play with them?”“Sure. Just be gentle.”She took them in her hand, feeling their shape and weight as they moved in rhythm to his thrusts. When she eventually cupped them and gave a slight squeeze, he lost it, and buried himself deep in her rectum before shooting yet another load of cum; this time deep into her bowels. “Oh god, I can feel them! I can feel your balls moving!” she cried out as she continued her soft grip on his gonads. “I can feel your stuff shooting up my ass!” She held his balls until he was done, marveling at the contractions in his scrotum and the pulsing dick she felt up her ass.Bill finally pulled out. Mary’s tight little pucker was now stretched wide and smooth. “Is it open?” she excitedly asked. “Can you see up my butt?”“Yes.”“Ooh, I want to see.”“I’m not sure how to do that.”“Take a picture with your phone.”Modern technology. Why not? Bill reached for his phone just in time to get a video of her still gaping asshole, cum dribbling out, as it slowly closed down. She was still in her ass-up position as he showed it to her. “Oh, wow, even better than Jim and Patsy. Mine has semen coming out!” She was proud of her anal creampie. Amazing! “But, I didn’t, you know…“You didn’t cum. That’s what they call it. Cum. Few women do during just anal sex, but I can help with that.” She was still on all fours, ass and pussy sticking up, making it easy for him to shove two of the fingers from his clean hand into her sperm-spattered vagina, while he shoved his thumb up her just-creamed bung-hole. He finger-fucked both of her openings hard and fast as she grunted in pleasure.He had her on the edge, keeping her close to orgasm but not letting her get there as the juice flowed from her newly deflowered pussy and he worked her ass over. “Please!” she finally begged. “Make me cum! Please!” He curled his fingers, running them roughly across her G-spot as his clean thumb mashed into her clit and his other thumb went all-in up her ass, and she got her wish. It was a spectacular climax, as she screamed and bucked; shook and squirted until she fell on her side. She was panting, and Bill could swear that her pussy and asshole were, too. She finally regained her voice. “God, that was amazing!”Bill retreated to the bathroom for a post-anal sex cleansing of his fingers and “privates”, an important bit of hygiene that he learned from the brothers in seminary. When he came back, Mary was still in bed, naked, and playing with her pussy whilst she watched and re-watched the phone video of his spunk dripping from her ass. Bill lay beside her and began to teasingly trace his fingers over her body. “So this is sex?” she asked, putting down the phone and taking his cock in her hand.“Yep, pretty much the basics,” he replied, amazed that his cock was stirring, trying to get hard again. “Of course there are other positions, and lots of kinds of foreplay; you know, to keep things interesting.”She thought about that a minute. “But it was also part of confession and penance, right? I mean our sex tonight.”“Yes, I guess so.” Where was this going?“So then you can’t tell anyone about it, right. The sanctity of the confessional, right?”“Right.” As if he would ever tell anyone that he had just gone around the world with a hot and horny teenaged parishioner.“Okay, then I have something more to confess.” Mary paused, then, “The bad girl dreams weren’t the real reason I came to confession. I mean, all of that stuff happened last night; accidentally seeing the videos, the bad girl dreams, me masturbating. And that’s all stuff that I’m sure the nuns would think I needed to confess.“But, the main reason I came to confession was that it all got me so fucking horny, hornier than I’ve ever been, that I couldn’t stand it any longer. I know some things about sex, but not as much as I should. And my mom put me on the pill as soon as I started to menstruate to regulate my periods, so I’ve had a girly exam. But, I am… was … a virgin, and I’ve never, ever done anything, except for that one kiss two years ago and then playing with myself last night. I’ve made every effort to repress my urges.”She went on. “It’s just that seeing those videos, dreaming, fingering myself for the first time, cumming, made me so … so … well, anyway, I realized that I needed to suck a dick, to get fucked hard, to finally lose my virginity, to have sex in any and every way. But, I was afraid that if I let some boy at school do it; if I sucked off some boy or let him finger me or fuck me; or, you know, let him do my … ass …, he’d blab.She started to smile. “And, I … well all of the girls, really … think that you’re hot; hotter than any of the dick-weed guys we know at school. And you … well, you can’t blab, because it was part of confession. Plus, priests aren’t supposed to have sex to begin with.” She had a big grin on her face. Bill was getting nervous about this, and Mary could tell. She began fondling his dick in earnest. “Don’t worry, Father Bill. I won’t rat you out; on one condition.”“And that is?” he asked nervously.Another big grin. “That when I’m horny, you’ll, what’s the expression, fuck my brains out.”Bill pinched her nipple, sending a shiver up her spine, before reaching and cupping her mons. He pushed a finger into her sopping pussy while his thumb flicked across her clit. She shuddered. “And just how often do you think that might be?” he asked as he began a rhythmic digital penetration.She lay there for a bit, rocking her hips and reveling in the sexual tension Bill’s fingers were building in her pussy. Bill leaned in, capturing first one and then the other of her nipples between his teeth as he flicked his tongue across the trapped hardness. She could feel another orgasm coming on, so she pushed him away, onto his back. He was amazed to see that his dick was hard and upright again. She straddled him. “All the time,” she admitted, as she lined up his resurrected erection with her tight, dripping pussy and quickly impaled herself. “All the fucking time.”

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