Oral Sex With A 45 Year Old Russian Suck Cock From Her Knees

Oral Sex With A 45 Year Old Russian Suck Cock From Her Knees

Before I could even react, my hair was being yanked practically out of my scalp and I was dragged into their room. His black boot rested on the side of my neck right where my jugular was so no way was I going to move or yell for fear of him cutting off my air. He motioned to the girl who undid the belt on the dress I was wearing, and handed it to him. He cinched it around my wrists binding them in front of me. Grabbing my arms, he pulled me upright to a standing position, pushed me back against the closed door and secured the belt to the hook, with my arms above my head. Part of me wanted to scream for help and the other part of me was a willing participant. He grabbed my throat and applied some pressure clearly making it known to me that he was in charge and in a low voice rumbled, “glad you could join us, but you must be punished for spying.” He pulled my body close to him and I felt an electrical charge surge through my body as I felt his rigid length pressed against me. With deft fingers he unzipped my dress but because it was a halter style and my hands were bound, the only way to get the dress off of me was for him to reach in his back pocket and get his Leatherman and cut the neck straps. My large breasts sprang free and my pink nipples darkened with excitement and immediately hardened. The dress pooled around my feet. Then he cut my thong on both sides of my hips and he wrapped the scrap of lace around my head, gagging my mouth and tying the two ends together so I couldn’t spit it out. The soaked crotch tasting and smelling of my wet desire was stuffed in my mouth and I tasted my cunt juices; its odor drifting up to my nose saturating my senses. He turned his head to look at his girl standing there in front of the mirrors watching his every move and gave her a knowing stare and told her sternly, “don’t move slut, and watch me make this woman my whore.” He pinched each nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He slapped my tits and pulled my fat, distended nipples with relative force; my eyes widened and I gave a small muffled sigh. When he took one breast to his mouth to suck and bite it, I rolled my hips, grinding into his pelvis; trying to seduce him to fuck my dripping cunt with his cock. Intently looking into my eyes, he grinned, and then dipped his fingers in my silken folds with his right hand while his left arm curved around my waist drawing me in close to his hard shaft. He explored and lightly fondled my slit. With his fingers now covered in my hot liquid, he separated my moist sex lips and thrust them deep inside my tight canal and was mercilessly fucking me; pumping them in and out. “Thinking of how you want my big fat cock pounding your tight little cunt as I finger-fuck you, whore?” I nodded yes, and gave a stifled moan; my breath rapid, my inner walls tightening; trying to trap his fingers inside so I could spasm and cum hard; so... so… close to an explosive climax. All of a sudden he withdrew his fingers, leaving me panting in the gag; my thirsty cunt begging for a release. My lust was at a fever pitch like mercury rising in a thermometer on a scorching hot day. He left me standing against the door; my hands tied above me, and walked over to his girl, squeezed her cheeks to force her mouth open, and shoved his fingers damp with my pussy juices between her parted lips to suck and lick them. My eyes flickered as I watched her swipe her tongue on his digits and drink-in my sticky juices
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. When he was satisfied that she picked them clean like a dog on a bone, he pushed her to her knees. He was facing the mirror so he could watch himself. It didn’t go unnoticed that he purposely wanted me to see his front reflection. I could see not only him, but her profile too in the side mirrors plus her backside in the main mirror as she knelt at his feet. Fixated on the scene unfolding; he unbuttoned his 501 jeans, pushing them and his boxer briefs down his thighs. His cock, hard as steel, jutted out and all I could think about was how much I wanted to be that girl on her knees with his cock in her face. In the mirrors, I could plainly see him looking down at his girl while she bobbed her head up and down his shaft taking him deep in her mouth with each thrust. Her back was arched and her tanned, perky globes hung down and swayed with each movement. Purring sounds were coming from her when she laved the tip of his cock before she’d engulf him completely; her pink tongue slobbering and lubricating his shaft. He raised his head and his eyes, scanning my naked body reflected in the mirror like an x-ray, shamelessly exposed for his pleasure as his slut was feasting on his cock and balls like a down home Texas barbecue. Swiping his stiff tool with her flattened tongue and relishing its flavor and working his cock like a cherry flavored blow-pop with her wet mouth made my clit burn and ache to be touched. I felt on fire and wanted to be free of my restraint so I could ravage his cock and swallow his musky cum. Her fingers were wrapped around the base of his cock, and as she stroked his hard meat up and down from base to tip in a nice slow rhythm, she took his balls, encasing them in her mouth, and gently sucked. Impatiently he grabbed her hair ruthlessly and twisted it into a ponytail. Holding her still, he pushed his hard cock past her rosy lips and she wrapped them around his meaty knob. A shiver went up my spine and I broke out in goose-bumps since all I could think about was how I wanted him to be force feeding his cock into my mouth. It was driving me insane and my legs kept shifting almost scissor like, trying to create the needed pressure to bring myself to orgasm. His hands now grabbed each side of her head and he pummeled her throat with his hard cock. “Such a good cocksucker, take it all”, he told her, never breaking direct eye contact with me. All I could do was watch and smolder with unfulfilled desires. Spittle was leaking out the sides of her mouth and I could see his swollen cock choking and forcing her gag reflex as she was trying to breathe and sheath him in her gullet. Tears forming in her eyes and mascara streaking down her cheeks; he held her mouth captive and thrust his hard steel ramming his entire cock down her orifice. Almost ready to shoot his hot load, his ass muscles tensed up, back and leg muscles flexing, his breathing faster and heavier as he slid his throbbing cock back and forth between her pretty pink lips. He grabbed the base of his cock and he popped it out of her mouth, sounding much like a cork released from a champagne bottle. He stroked his cock in a few quick jerks and jacked-off all over her face. “Ah………Ahhh……” he groaned, spurting his creamy load on her forehead and eyes; thick white cum clung to her lashes and oozed down her cheeks dripping off her chin. I was captivated and jealous as hell as I wanted to be his bitch, the slut sucking him off and making him cum.

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