Sex with exciting touches to erotic massage

Sex with exciting touches to erotic massage

August 5 th , 8:20 a.m. I went into the office early the next morning, anxious to get to work on the Beckwith case.   As I entered the office I found Maggie at her desk.   “Maggie, I need you to do your thing for me,” I said.   “Alan Jankowski, we need to find him.   Check for arrests, the morgue, hospitals, etc.   Check planes, buses, trains, cruise ships, even rental car agencies.   I suspect he is not dead but don’t leave any stone uncovered. I’m going to be out most of the day checking his residence, neighbors, friends, the whole routine.   I need to pick up his trail today.”   “Yes sir boss, I’ll get right on it,” she said.   “How do you spell his name?” “J A N K O W S K I,” I said, “first name A L A N.”   I did a little computer searching to find out what I could about him then left the office.   He lived in a condo in an upscale neighborhood.   I found that the back door was accessible from the back alley and only visible from one window next door.   I didn’t see anyone at the window so I pulled on a pair of gloves and picked the lock.   If he turned up dead I didn’t want my finger prints left behind.   The place was neat except for the bedroom.   I got my first clue when I checked the closet and found a lot of empty hangers.   I checked his drawers and also didn’t find any underwear.   So, he was planning on going somewhere.   Whether he succeeded was still a question.   I found a computer down stairs and turned it on.   Ha, people never think about using passwords. I checked his cookies to see what sites he had been to recently and found links to Travelocity and Expedia.   I checked his email and found a few names of people to check out.   I also learned that he had another girl friend, Savanna.   I wondered if Beckey knew about Savanna.   I also found a confirmation from Expedia for a flight to Puerto Vallarta and reservations for a week at the Grand Velas Resort.    The confirmation was dated a week ago, so apparently he had made the decision to take this trip very recently.   Savanna sounded familiar.   I googled her and learned that she’s a stripper at a local club called The Ace of Clubs.   Damn hot looking too.    Former Miss Israel, former model, now temporarily working as a high priced stripper for the rich and famous.   I googled the Grand Velas.   Hmmm, nice place. All arrangements were for two people, so apparently Savanna went with him. The flight was 2 days ago.   That’s not a very long time to be gone; I wondered why Beckey was assuming he was missing.     That was the second thing I was wondering about her.   The first was why she was so quick to fuck me yesterday.   I’m not bad looking and I keep in shape, but it’s unlikely a woman with her looks, her body, and her money, would ever be interested in me.   She could be a slut; just being beautiful and rich doesn’t mean you can’t also be a nymphomaniac.   I’ll pin my hopes on that.   So now I knew where he had gone and when and with who, but not why.   Beckey knew something she was not telling me.   It was time to talk to her again.   “Hello Robert, I’ve been looking forward to your call,” she said.   “Do you have any good news for me?” “It’s a little early in the investigation, but I expect to have something by tomorrow,” I said.   “I do have some more questions for you though, if you have time.” “I’ll make the time for you Robert.   When would you like to come over?” “3:00 works well for me, will that be ok?” I asked. “Wonderful, I’ll see you then,” She responded.   I stopped by the Ace of Clubs.   They confirmed that Savanna worked there, but she had not been to work in several days.   There was a large photo of her on one wall.   Those tits were too perfect, they had to be fakes.   Not that it made any difference to me of course; she could eat crackers in my bed any time.   I asked if anyone knew Alan Jankowski.   They knew him alright; he was a frequent customer and often left with Savanna after she got off work.   I asked how long he had been seeing her and was told about 6 or 8 months.   Hmmm, he might have been seeing Savanna before he started seeing Beckey. He was bedding some very hot women; I had to give him that.   I was beginning to find the pieces to the puzzle, but I had no clue how they went together yet.   I was 10 minutes late arriving at Beckey’s.   I was escorted into the living room and told that she would be down shortly.   I walked around the room again, looking at the pictures that I had seen the day before.   Something was different.   There was a picture missing.   The surface where it had been was clean of dust.   That was odd.   Why would someone pick this time to remove a picture?   “Hello Robert, how nice to see you,” Beckey said as she entered the room. I turned to look at her and was nearly struck speechless.   She was wearing a sheer robe that came down to just above her knees, and it looked like she had on a babydoll underneath.   “Sorry, I was delayed and didn’t have time to get changed before you arrived.   She gestured at her clothes and said, “If this bothers you I can change, if you don’t mind waiting.” Against my better judgment I quickly responded that it didn’t bother me at all. “Good,” she said, “then I’ll make us a martini and we can get started with the questions.”   With the mention of martinis I immediately thought of yesterday.   Considering the way she was dressed, I assumed, or rather hoped, that she was going to seduce me again.   The thought gave me an immediate hard on, even while I was questioning in my mind why she was doing this.   My best quess was that she wanted something from me, something other than my professional services.   Maybe she is a nympho, but I had doubts.   I felt a little bit like a pawn.   A very horny and happy pawn.   I should have sensed danger, but I was thinking with my little head, which was not so little at the moment.   I watched her walk across the room and could distinctly see the jiggle of her breasts and the points where her nipples were poking through the thin material.   I could clearly see her shapely legs as she strode towards the kitchen.   It occurred to me that our time might be more productive if we got to the fucking first and then to the questions.   I knew I was making a mistake, but she had me by the long and hard, and she knew it.   She returned with the martinis and leaned over to set mine on the table before me.   Once again I got a very clear view of her breasts and my mind was definitely not focusing on the purpose of my visit.   Beckey not only had the intention of diverting my attention, but she had the assets to make sure she was successful.   I decided to push ahead with my questions before she had a chance to accomplish her mission.   “Beckey, you have an importing business.   What do you import?” I asked. “In general I would say that I import anything that someone has a demand for.   Most of my products come from China and South America.
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For instance, a manufacturer here in the U.S. needs components for a machine or a toy, etc., and he wants to find the cheapest source for those components.   I have a network of people in foreign countries that know their manufacturers and will get me quotes on the parts.   I then pick a source and place the order and have it shipped to me.   I then ship it to the buyer. “You must have a warehouse near the port, where is your warehouse located.” I asked. “My warehouse is located at L.A. harbor,” she said, “I can give you the address if you need it.” “Please do,” I said, “I’m not sure if I’ll need it but I better have it just in case.”   Beckey got up and went to the kitchen counter and wrote the address on a notepad.   I watched her body as she moved back and forth.   I knew I should not be doing that, but I could not help myself.   Her hips moved from side to side as would a models, but not quite as accentuated, and I could see her ass cheeks separate with each step.   I had gotten aroused when she first stepped into the room and had stayed aroused since.   She handed me the note and I put it into my shirt pocket.   I took another sip of my martini.   There was nothing in the vodka but an olive.   I wondered if hers was as strong.   I leaned forward and set my drink on the table and when I sat back Beckey was right beside me, leaning toward me, and close enough that I could smell her perfume.   It occurred to me that the time for questions was over when she put her hand around my head and pulled me to her.   I broke off the kiss and asked if there was some place we could go to other than the sofa.   She smiled, took my hand and led me up the stairs.   Her bedroom was huge, with large windows overlooking the harbor and the coast to the south.   We stopped next to the bed and began kissing again.   My hands roamed over her body and I knew instantly that she had nothing but bare skin beneath the sheer material.   She began unbuttoning my shirt and while I was pulling it off she started to work on my slacks.   Within a minute I was standing nude before her and she was on her knees with my throbbing cock in her mouth.   I put my hands on my hips and watched as this beautiful woman licked and sucked and licked and sucked.   I could have just stood there and let her finish, but I wanted more than that.   I reached down and pulled her to her feet.   As I kissed her lips I pulled her robe off, revealing a white babydoll that was almost as sheer as the robe.   The babydoll came off quickly and I embraced her naked body, reveling in the feel of her soft beautiful skin against my own.   I went down on my knees and placed my hands on her ass, pulling her against me and feeling her heat on my skin.   I began licking one nipple, swirling my tongue around and across it several times before taking it into my mouth.   Beckey was moaning lightly as I licked and sucked on her nipple.   She pulled my head against her breast, leaned her head back and closed her eyes.   This might be all business to her, but she clearly intended to enjoy it.   I switched breasts as my hands roamed over her ass and upper thighs.   I reached up between her legs from behind and found her to be so wet that her juice was beginning to accumulate on her lips.   My own excitement only intensified and I began to massage her swollen pussy lips.   Her moaning increased and she began to move her hips from side to side against my stomach.   I was ready for the next stage and I gently pushed her back against the bed.   She lay down and pulled her knees back for me, exposing her wet pussy as if she were serving it on a platter.     I began to kiss and lick her inner thighs, moving closer and closer to her center.   When my lips met hers she let out a gasp and I looked up at her.   Her face was turned to the side, her mouth open as she moaned, and her hands were on her breasts, kneading and pinching her nipples. I sucked her lips into my mouth and stretched my tongue in as far as it would go.   I licked and caressed her silky interior, getting closer to my destination but avoiding direct contact.     Beckey was becoming frantic with anticipation.   She was obviously close to an orgasm and might achieve it if I continued as I was, but I was ready to get things started.   I spread her lips with my fingers and slipped two of them inside.   I began to thrust in and out with my first two fingers of my left hand, and then stroked my tongue up and across her clit.   The response was instantaneous as her orgasm exploded both physically and verbally.   Her hips were thrusting up at me as I continued my earnest pursuit of her pleasure.   I was certain that the servants could hear her where ever they were.   I continued to pleasure her in this manor while watching her face.   Her head was turning back and forth and she had the bed covers squeezed tightly in each hand.   After a few minutes and countless orgasms I began to kiss, lick and nibble my way up to her breasts, then to her mouth.   She kissed me like she was starving and I was a feast laid before her.   I inched upward until the head of my cock was between her lips, and she wrapped her legs around me and thrust her hips forward, pulling me completely into her.   I held that position, the muscles of my butt tight and my hips thrust forward as she began to fuck me.   For a while I did not move, letting her find her rhythm and take what she wanted.   Then I rolled her over and put her on top.   She sat up and began to ride me.   She looked into my eyes unabashed as she thrust her hips and squeezed her nipples.   It was clear that she loved sex and was not shy about taking what she wanted.   I grabbed her hips and began to thrust with her.   She was moaning loudly again and before long had another orgasm.   Although the visuals were fantastic, this position was not working for me.   I pulled Beckey down and repositioned her, placing her on her stomach with her legs spread wide.   I entered her and began to thrust with long, deep strokes.   She got up on her elbows and I was able to sweep her hair to one side and kiss her neck as I fucked her harder and harder.   Her moans began anew followed closely by a chain of orgasms.   I love a woman who cums a lot, and she certainly did.   I was beginning to work up a little sheen on my forehead when I finally began to swell inside her.   I reached underneath her, cupping her breasts and pinching the nipples with each hand.   She was in the midst of an orgasm when I began to shoot my hot seed into her.   It seemed like it took minutes for me to finish cumming.   I relaxed on top of her but continued to nuzzle and kiss her neck until I finally softened and slipped out.   I rolled to one side and turned to face her.   She looked at me and gave me a little kiss, then jumped off the bed and pulled on the robe.   So much for intimacy, I thought.   This is quite a nice little deal for her.   She’s getting what she wants, in and out of bed.   Well I’m not about to complain, I’ll stay on this train as far as it goes.

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