After presenting her girlfriend's house, she starts sucking hard cock

After presenting her girlfriend's house, she starts sucking hard cock

It was Sunday morning. Her bottom was stinging from the spanking shehad been given the night before by Nina’s Mum which had followed far too soon after the double spanking she had received on the Friday, the day she had arrived. 20 year old Makalea was dozing on her tummy, gently rubbing her so sore bottom, when she heard Nina’s Mum walking around her bedroom and then going downstairs setting the alarm off which meant Nina was still upstairs. Moments later Makalea heard Nina get out of bed so decided she had to get up as well. She eased herself out of bed slowly and looked in the mirror and as expected her bottom was still red all over and with blotches of blue bruising. She knew her bottom will be ever so tender for the whole day and resolved to be better behaved. Makalea thought ruefully just how strict Nina’s Mum was and had made it clear she doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone, not from her 38 year old daughter Nina and certainly not from a 20 year old house guest like herself. So after just two days staying with Nina, Friday evening and Saturday, living under the disciplinary control of Nina’s Mum, Mrs Lynn, Makalea had been spanked three times. Three very hard very painful sessions across Mrs Lynn’s lap and so three times left bawling her eyes out. Just as bad was that her Mummy was going to duplicate every spanking given so she already has three spankings to ‘look forward’ to when she gets home. Still, going home was some days away. Makalea looked herself up and down in the mirror admiring her voluptuous body, her full breasts and nipples already erect caused by her rubbing her stinging bottom and because she was still thinking of Nina’s Mums threat of caning her if she were caught masturbating. Yes Nina’s Mum, Mrs Lynn to her, was strict and dominant and scary but Makalea also accepted she had deserved every one of the spankings and judged Mrs Lynn to be firm but fair. Makalea was wearing a semi sheer night dress with a deep cut neckline that showed off her gorgeous curvy body and threw on her matching semi sheer nightgown with a lace tie fastening. She looked at her desk and smiled as she had been shopping with Nina the day before, Saturday, and they had each bought some superb new underwear. Makalea had once again crowed over Nina that she was loaded and could afford the best and chose her new silky knickers and bra set, a very expensive named design, outside even Nina’s budget which made the 20 year old feel so superior. Makalea decided she wanted to wear the knickers so eased herself in to her them, beautiful high cut briefs, gasping as she pulled them up as even they felt tight pressing against her reddened bruised bottom and wishing she had bought knickers that were looser. Still, she reckoned they would be fine after a few moments. Feeling really good about herself Makalea went in to the hall and was almost knocked over by Nina walking quickly towards the stairs. “Sorry Nina,” Makalea said, and double took as she realised the 38 year old was stark naked. She asked, “Not dressed yet, I thought you would be in that set of underwear you bought with me.” Makalea wanted to gloat once again how expensive her own set was compared to Nina’s but Nina seemed pre-occupied. Nina saw the puzzlement on Makalea’s face and explained, “It’s Sunday morning and I’m on punishment for being rude to my Mum during the week. Mum is waiting for me in the spare bedroom with her cane.” “Oh my,” Makalea said with more than a little surprise in her voice then added, “Can I watch?” “I guess so, now you are up.” Nina wasn’t happy about having the young brat watch her being caned but knew her Mum will call Makalea anyway as she was a house guest. Makalea nodded her head and Nina walked ahead of her, Makalea noticing that Nina’s bottom was still a burning red, like her own, a testimony to the spanking Mrs Lynn had given them both last night. Nina walked in to the spare bedroom to find her Mum had already pulled out a chair for Nina to grab hold of. She saw Makalea follow Nina in and said, “Oh good, it will be as well for you to watch this Makalea just in case you earn the cane whilst you are here.” She added, “Hopefully though you won’t.” Makalea licked her lips as her pussy quivered at the thinly veiled threat and said, “I will be good Mrs Lynn so you won’t need to cane me.” Makalea’s pussy quivered at the thought, as although her Mum had never caned her she had used a switch which hurt enough and she always came soon afterwards. Nina’s Mum remembered she had said to herself last night she will find a reason to cane the 20 year old and that still held good this morning. She just needed to find a reason to have the girl’s bare bottom bent over to be caned. Nina’s Mum looked at her daughter and said sternly, “Right Nina, bend over. Remind me how many strokes you are to get.” She knew that would wind Nina up as she was usually short tempered in the morning and the fact she was about to be caned never seemed to make her any more careful. “Mother you know its 12 strokes,” in a tone she knew immediately was too sharp for her Mum, and her Mum always found being called Mother belligerent. Nina’s Mum frowned and said, “Well you are wrong my girl. 12 might be the normal amount but with your attitude it’s now 14.” Nina squeezed her lips together to force herself to stay silent knowing any retort will only mean additional strokes added to which being caned in front of Makalea was going to be humiliating enough. Of course she didn’t know that even then Makalea was increasingly anxious to feel the cane on her own bottom, to see how much more it hurt compared to the switch her Mummy used on her. Makalea watched Nina go to the chair and bend over, grasping both sides with each hand, dropping her tummy and raising her bottom, nicely presenting her quite lovely bottom to her Mum for its caning. “Feet apart Nina,” her Mum said sharply, and to help she put the cane between the 38 year olds thighs and flicked the cane sideways, bringing a gasp from Nina as she quickly spread her legs apart. Makalea eyes were drawn to Nina’s lush dark pussy hair, and her anal hole that was stretched open. So sexy Makalea thought. Nina’s Mum took up her position and placed the cane on Nina’s bottom, leaving it in place. Nina’s breathing deepened as though in anxious expectation and that increased the quivering in Makalea’s pussy. The twenty year old watched the cane transfixed as it straddled poor Nina’s bottom for what seemed forever, until Nina’s Mum flicked her wrist and feather tapped the cane several times on Nina’s bottom, a bottom that tensed knowing the first stroke was just moments away. Makalea looked at Nina’s Mum who she found quite becoming in a dominant way wearing a severe outfit, a crisp white short sleeved blouse, a black skirt to just below the knee, bare legs, and black low heeled shoes that looked comfortable rather than stylish and were good for balance. Her hair was neatly brushed and set in a bun. She was a woman dressed smartly and ready for the business in hand. Nina was bent over, her still reddened bottom presented and ready. Her head dropped and Makalea reckoned Nina was looking at her Mum’s legs, her calf probably, waiting for the muscle to tense which would be the sign the cane was travelling down towards its beautiful and expectant nicely rounded target, Nina’s bare bottom cheeks. The cane was pulled back and Makalea followed it, held by Nina’s Mums bare arm, and as it started its descent Makalea saw Nina tense her bottom. The swish was followed by a nasty thwack, Nina’s bottom collapsed in a straight line under the force of the cane, her head rose slightly but there was merely a gasp from the 38 year old. Nina’s Mum expected that and immediately raised the cane again. Nina also expected it as her bottom tensed just as the cane started its second descent. The swish was followed by the thwack and this time a slightly louder grunt from Nina. Nina’s Mum tapped her daughters bottom four times with the cane and Makalea could see more clearly how Nina was looking at her Mum’s calf and once again knew the cane was arcing down towards her bottom landing with a thwack and as her bottom caved in again in a straight line Nina gasped louder. Once again the cane was raised for the double stroke which had Nina expelling the loudest gasp so far. The scenario was repeated. Four taps with the cane followed by two hard strokes of the cane landing on Nina’s now throbbing bottom. This time Nina was seen by Makalea to struggle to keep hold of the chair but just managed to. The cane was lifted away and Makalea saw the six wicked red stripes across the top half of the 38 year olds bottom. None had crossed each other and as Makalea looked again at the dominant Mrs Lynn, as she now liked to think of her, she saw how confident she looked, so in charge. Nina waited for the second run of six strokes, her head bowed but her bottom still stuck out as far as she could. She let out an almost imperceptible sniffle. She knew she deserved the caning and that it had to be hard but at the same time knew she was getting aroused. The tingling stinging across her bottom was already sending erotic waves deep inside her pussy and she knew it would not be long before her sex juice would cause her pussy hair to glisten Nina’s Mum tapped the now red lined bottom four times and as Nina tensed so the seventh stroke cut in to Nina’s bottom hitting the lower half of her bare unprotected and welted bottom. Nina’s left leg bent and rose slightly although she still managed to hold on to the chair. However she cried out in pain as the eighth stroke cut another red line across her bottom. The ninth and tenth strokes added two more fierce red lines causing Nina to gasp out in pain, and Makalea saw tears running down her face. The eleventh and twelfth strokes landed across the very top of Nina’s thighs on what Makalea knew was the sit spot. If she thought Nina had gasped loudly before well it was nothing compared to the gasp after each of these strokes. Nina’s tears increased in density, dripping down on to the chair. Makalea saw Nina bend both legs as though anxiously trying to dissipate the pain and as she did her full breasts wobbled and shook in such a delicious way, a view Makalea found so arousing. It was then Makalea saw Nina’s pussy glistening with her own sex juice and nearly came herself. Makalea heard Mrs Lynn say sharply, “Now the extra two my girl,” and after the now routine four taps of the cane the two strokes were given with a look of determination on Mrs Lynn’s face Makalea had not noticed before and judging from the even higher pitched grunts from Nina and the uncontrolled crying she reckoned these were the hardest strokes so far. As much as Nina cried out in pain so her pussy quivered and she felt her sex juice dribble down her inner thigh. Nina was still able to hold on to the chair whilst her Mum flexed the cane between her hands before putting it down on the table. She rubbed Nina’s bottom, gently, feeling the welts and as Makalea looked on so she wanted to feel those welts as well. Nina calmed slightly, still crying, her tears still dripping on to the floor, but her ordeal was over. At least the really painful bit. Makalea knew the stinging will last for many hours yet as it did with her when her Mummy used her favoured switch on her. Nina’s Mum snapped, “Stop crying girl. I’ve given you far more than 14 before and you have got through it.” “Sssorry Mum,” Nina said between sobs. Nina slowly edged herself up to a standing position forcing her hands to remain by her side and looked at her Mum who knew what Nina wanted her to say, waited a few seconds, relented, and said, “OK Nina you can rub.” The effect was instantaneous. Nina’s hands flew to her bottom and as she rubbed furiously so she jumped from foot to foot. This spanking dance lasted several minutes whilst her Mum and Makalea looked on. Makalea had been switched before but it had never caused the pain Nina was suffering whilst Makalea noticed Mrs Lynn looked markedly unsympathetic. Eventually Nina recovered and said to her Mum, “You really caned me hard today, and the double strokes are so much harder to take.” Her Mum smiled. “I know dear, but I wanted to make sure Makalea understood a caning hurts.” “Well it does Mum I can tell you,” Nina said, still rubbing her bottom. Nina’s Mum added, “Well it’s not as though I just decided to cane you is it Nina? You did deserve it didn’t you?” Nina kept rubbing her bottom still feeling so turned on by the pain and said, “I know Mum, sorry.” Nina’s Mum turned to Makalea and warned, “You take care young missy. If you need to be caned it will be doubles and trebles, not the singles with the switch your Mother gives you. Ask Nina about my triple strokes and see what she says,” she added with a knowing nod. Makalea looked at Nina and the look of dread on her face gave her the answer. On the other hand she was sure she saw Nina quiver and wondered if she had just had an orgasm, realising at the same time that she was close as well, just by listening to the threats from Mrs Lynn. She had received the switch many times at home but saw the difference between single double and even triple strokes. Nina’s Mum told her daughter that her punishment was over and left the room going downstairs to the kitchen. Nina dashed to the bathroom to wash her face and put cold cream on her bottom. Makalea followed her and as they both stood in the bathroom, the door now closed, Nina looked at Makalea and again burst in to tears. Makalea went over and hugged Nina and Nina hugged her back. Nina kissed Makalea’s neck and instantly Makalea pulled her head back, looked straight in to Nina’s eyes, said, “I want you,” and kissed Nina firmly on the lips. The two pairs of lips opened and soon each had her tongue intertwined with the other, both knowing the caning, one receiving and the other wishing she was receiving, had turned them on. Their fingers searched out the other’s pussy, urgently massaging the wet soft pussy lips and flicking the others beckoning erect clit. “My room,” Nina whispered, adding, “Be as quiet as you can. Mum will be in the kitchen so won’t hear us if we are careful.” They both went on tip toe to Nina’s room. They fell on the bed, Makalea on her back, Nina on top, Makalea rubbing Nina’s bottom. Nina whispered, “Squeeze my bottom Makalea, squeeze me hard.” Makalea put her hands on Nina’s bottom feeling the welts and squeezed. Nina gasped even louder as the pain intensified. Both were so turned on. Makalea had never been with a woman before but she was so aroused all she wanted was to cum and to have Nina cum. It didn’t matter that there was an age difference, they were both so similar, both wanting to be spanked, both knowing their sex juice will soak their thighs even as they shriek in pain, and both wanting to extend their soreness like Nina today having her welted bottom squeezed. It only took a few minutes before both came in bursts of groans and moans and gasps of orgasm, then a second orgasm and a third before Nina collapsed on to the soft body of Makalea, their breasts caressing each others, Makalea’s legs apart and Nina’s straight in between leaving their sex juice sodden pussy’s to kiss each other just as their lips and tongues merged as one. Nina said, “I need to wash my face again,” rubbing her tear stained face. The two girls walked back to the bathroom listening out for Nina’s Mum but she was still downstairs. Once in the bathroom Nina washed her face but was horrified when Makalea said, “Your Mum is one strict bitch, eh Nina.” Nina froze. “Careful Makalea, if Mum hears you call her a name like that we will both be for it.” Nina was careful not to use the word herself just in case. “Sorry,” Makalea said. Inquisitive though Makalea asked, “But she is so strict with you. Is it just spanking and the like or are there any other punishments she uses?” Nina blushed as she explained, “My Mum still uses the naughty spot, or rather I am the one who has to use them, mainly before or after a spanking but sometimes by itself if I have gone in to a sulk or the like. Mum is very strict so I have to stand with my nose pressed against the wall and my hands on my head for maybe half an hour or even longer if I have been really naughty. If I move then I get punished all over again.” “Wow Nina, sounds like a turn on.” Nina smiled, “Well, not as much as the spanking itself and definitely not if anyone else turns up at the house and sees me. I have to stand there with a bare bottom so if it is after a spanking then my very red bottom is on show.” “Any other punishments?” “Well early to bed is used pretty often, sometimes as early as six O’clock although seven O’clock is more common.” “Wow she really is a bitch then.” Nina froze again and said, “Sshh will you Makalea. If Mum hears you then we will be really for it.” Nina was exasperated and hadn’t expected Makalea to be such a brat and was regretting petting with her. Almost regretting to be fair as she really enjoyed giving each other those orgasms. Makalea blushed. “Sorry, I forgot.” “I only just told you though,” Nina said sounding irritated. “Sorry,” Makalea repeated. “Don’t blame me though if you get another spanking,” Nina said, “Come on, we had better get back to our bedrooms and get dressed so I can report to my Mum.” Makalea smiled and said, “My bottom still stings from last night’s spanking. Shall we both wear really tight knickers to really make our bottoms sting?” Nina laughed back and thought maybe Makalea wasn’t such a brat, just spoiled rotten, and agreed. “OK.” Makalea grabbed her clothes from her bedroom and went back to Nina’s bedroom to get dressed. They pulled their knickers up letting the elastic go and as the elastic tightened both girls grimaced and smiled at each other. Fifteen minutes later both girls had got dressed and tidied their hair and put on their makeup. Nina chose a very smart sleeveless black crocheted dress with a hem just above the knee and a black belt. She wanted to cover the backs of her very red thighs. Makalea wore a more casual racerback short jumpsuit showing almost all her thighs but just low enough to cover the redness from her spanking the previous night. They went back downstairs to find Nina’s Mum was in the kitchen making breakfast. She looked at the stove when saying, “It will be about 15 minutes Nina so stand on your naughty spot. Makalea you sit at the table, the paper has arrived.” Nina didn’t even start to argue knowing to do so would mean another trip across her Mum’s lap. She went to the wall, tucked her hem in to the belt and yanked her very expensive knickers down to her knees, pressed her nose against the wall and put her hands on her head. Makalea looked at the 38 year olds gorgeous red bottom and saw the weal’s now really did stand proud. She was turned on again wanting to squeeze those red bottom cheeks again but sat on her chair obediently albeit getting more and more turned on by the sight of Nina’s bare red bottom. 15 minutes later Nina’s Mum went over to her daughter, smiled at Makalea, rubbed Nina’s bottom, and then gave her three hard spanks on each bottom cheek drawing gasps from Nina. Makalea knew those smacks must hurt given the nasty weal’s but Nina just gasped and waited facing the wall until her Mum released her. Finally Nina’s Mum said, “Nina, sit down. Breakfast is ready.” Nina eased herself on to the hard seat, the one her Mum had ready for her to sit on after a spanking. Makalea had a seat with a cushion. Both looked anxiously at Nina’s Mum to see if she had heard Makalea call her a bitch but she kept on cooking so the girls reckoned they had got away with it. Nina’s Mum ate with the girls and they chatted as though nothing had happened. Other than her asking her daughter if she was sitting comfortably, and knowing the answer was a resounding no, there was no mention of this morning’s discipline session. As Nina’s Mum cleared away the breakfast things she said, “I will be going out in an hour girls and I want you to stay in your bedrooms until I get back.” Nina said, “Well Mum, I thought I’d take Makalea to the shopping mall.” Nina’s Mum replied, “I am afraid you can’t Nina as Makalea is grounded and you will have to stay with her as her Mum doesn’t want her left on her own.” Makalea said in an annoyed tone, “Grounded, what for?” Nina’s Mum lost her smile and said, “Ask your Mum, go on, call her,” handing her the phone. “Put it on loudspeaker so we can all hear young lady.” Makalea dialled her Mum’s mobile wittering away to herself but making sure Nina’s Mum could hear her, “Grounded indeed, just who does she think she is?” Nina gave a cautionary, “Makalea,” but it was too late. Nina’s Mum stood up, opened the cupboard by her, took out a wicked looking senior cane, and put it on the table saying, “I’m in charge that’s who I am. You be careful young lady or you will be feeling the end of this.” Makalea’s mouth dropped open just as her Mum answered the phone. Kasmira asked, “Makalea, is that you?” “Yes Mummy,” Makalea answered, now unsure of herself with a sense of foreboding. Lynn looked on, her face stern, but inwardly delighted the chance had come to cane the 20 year old, just as she had promised herself last night. She had never told Nina she had a baby listening monitor in the bathroom so heard what Makalea said. Lynn called Kasmira as soon as she heard Makalea and she agreed immediately it deserved a punishment. Lynn suggested to Kasmira it was rude enough to justify the cane and they settled on six strokes. Nina’s Mum suggested doubles and Kasmira was surprised, asking what that meant. When Lynn explained how the pain was intensified she almost cooed and said she must listen on the phone whilst her daughter is caned. Kasmira continued admonishing her daughter. “Well Makalea, I understand from Mrs Lynn you called her a very nasty name.” Makalea wanted to argue but knew once her Mummy was involved she will never make her change her mind. “It was a mistake Mummy,” is all she could think to say. Kasmira scoffed at her daughter, “A mistake? Calling someone such a rude name cannot be a mistake. No Makalea, no daughter of mine can be that rude and get away with it.” “Sorry Mummy,” Makalea said, looking up at Mrs Lynn and already feeling the beginning of an orgasm as she knew a spanking was inevitable. Kasmira continued, “The question is what punishment Makalea. There must be a spanking, that goes without saying. I don’t think that is enough though, not for such rudeness.” Lynn said, “You know Kasmira, I would have given Nina the cane for such a rude comment. In fact I have one here so just say the word.” Kasmira replied in an almost normal conversational tone, “I see Lynn, perhaps , but I have never caned Makalea . I have thought about it but she was never caned at school and so even as naughty as she is I have never given it to her.” Lynn continued, “She is 20 years old Kasmira so that is as good an age as any to start don’t you think?” There was a gap and Makalea swallowed hard, looking at the cane then at Mrs Lynn, waiting for her Mummy’s decision. Kasmira decided. “Lynn you are right, it is time for my Makalea to feel something harder than the switch I have taken to her so often. So, the cane it is Makalea. Six hard strokes on your bare bottom. Of course your bottom will already be bare from your spanking so that makes sense. Yes, a spanking and six with the cane. Lynn, is that OK with you?” Lynn nodded her head and replied, “Yes Kasmira, I think that is fine.” Lynn added, “Does that mean you will be giving Makalea the same punishment again when she gets home?” Makalea was wide eyed but felt her sex juice already dribbling through her knickers when her Mummy answered, “Oh yes Lynn, together with a repeat of every punishment she gets whilst with you. Mind you I don’t have a cane yet.” Lynn said with a smile, “No problem there Kasmira, I will give one to Makalea to take home for your immediate use.” “Thank you so much Lynn,” Kasmira said clapping her hands. “Good, that’s settled then. So Kasmira do you want to listen to Makalea crying as you did last night?” “Yes please Lynn, it helps me to know my daughter has been properly disciplined.” “No problem Kasmira.” Lynn turned to Makalea and ordered, “Right young lady, we have a lot to get through before I go out so get undressed please and be quick about it.” Trembling Makalea stood up undid her jumpsuit slipping the top down her arms and stepping out of the one piece putting it on the back of the chair. She put her hands behind her and unclipped her strapless bra releasing her large breasts. Neither Nina nor her Mum missed the fact Makalea’s nipples were erect. Makalea was about to step out of her knickers but saw the look on Nina’s face and her Mum’s face when they saw the huge stain on them. Nina’s Mum asked, “Is that wee or cum Makalea?” Kasmira snapped down the phone, “Tell the truth Makalea.” Makalea blushed feeling totally humiliated when she answered blushing, “It’s my cum Mummy.” There was a sig
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h down the phone. Kasmira said, “Lynn, I think you should add a few dozen spanks with the hairbrush whilst she is across your lap, well make it a round 100 spanks.” “I think so too Kasmira,” Lynn replied. She looked at Makalea as she went and sat down on the high backed and armless spanking chair. “Across my lap now Makalea, and put the phone on the floor by my feet,” she snapped. “Yes Mrs Lynn,” Makalea said as she walked quickly across the room and placed the phone on the floor roughly where her face will be before bending across the waiting lap. She felt the palm on her bottom rubbing in circles. “This is a nicely ample bottom Makalea. Yes quite a lovely bottom which will wobble about so nicely when I spank you.” Makalea squirmed around looking backwards and up to the side of Nina’s Mums face, and said curtly, “I’m not fat Mrs Lynn, in fact I am beautiful.” Nina’s Mum looked down at the lovely face with the large eyes looking up at her, and answered in the same curt tone, “Yes you are a real beauty Makalea,” adding very sternly, “But that doesn’t stop you being naughty and needing your beautiful bottom being spanked now does it?” “Well no, I suppose not Mrs Lynn.” Makalea scrunched her face up as she knew that was very true. “No indeed. Anyway, as your Mum said, a hand spanking first, then the hairbrush and we’ll finish off with the cane.” Makalea looked back at the floor and as her pussy quivered with the impending spanking just seconds away she asked to the floor, “Will I have to stand on the naughty spot Mrs Lynn?” Makalea certainly liked the idea of the naughty spot. “Yes you will Makalea.” “Right Mrs Lynn.” She dropped her head slightly as Mrs Lynn continued to rub her bottom in huge circles. It was just one rude word she thought, she called Mrs Lynn a bitch and from that she will be getting a spanking, first with Mrs Lynn’s firm hand, then with Mrs Lynn’s ever so hard paddle hairbrush, and finally for the first time the cane. She is one strict woman this Mrs Lynn, very strict. Makalea knew she was going to earn several more spankings from the old bag before her stay ends. Mind you, as Mrs Lynn rubbed her bottom so her pussy quivered even more and she knew more cum was soaking her pussy hair and probably dribbling down her thigh. She needed the spanking to start. Makalea looked at the floor then at Mrs Lynn’s legs, and found her lap almost comfortable. Certainly bent over looking at the floor was a favourite position of hers, just as she knew it was for Nina. Nina looked on from her hard chair, trying to stay still as whenever she moved her bottom stung again. She could sense though Makalea was becoming aroused by the rubbing of her bottom and was sure her pussy hair will be getting wetter and wetter, just as her own was as she watched her Mum prepare to discipline the 20 year old. Makalea realised Mrs Lynn’s hand wasn’t rubbing her bottom anymore and the next moment the open palm landed with a crack on Makalea’s left bare bottom cheek. Her spanking had started. She gasped ever so slightly knowing she will be suffering a stinging bottom and will be in floods of tears before she will be sent to face the wall. Kasmira was listening intently as the spanking progressed matching each spank to the gasp that followed and could tell it was a hard spanking. Nina watched Makalea’s bottom swirl as her Mum’s hand landed all over the 20 year olds bottom which was being turned a lovely shade of pink. Nina clenched her thighs together as her pussy quivered. Watching the spanking was so arousing for her and her breathing shortened and became heavier. Luckily for her her Mum was focussing on Makalea’s bottom so didn’t see the look of sheer enjoyment on Nina’s face. Nina could see Makalea was finding the spanking on the painful side as once again her Mum’s hard flat open palm splattered spanks all around Makalea’s bottom who gave out little gasps as the hand flattened her ample bottom causing her bottom cheeks to swirl deliciously. Nina’s pussy quivered each time her Mum’s hand spanked the 20 year olds bottom and as Makalea squirmed around trying to avoid the hard spanks so her generous breasts swayed and crashed in to the thighs she lay across albeit Nina was sure Makalea was far less concerned by her rocking breasts than she was by the constant and very hard spanks landing right across her ample bottom. Indeed Makalea was now feeling sorry for herself, annoyed even that she hadn’t heeded Nina’s warning and had been caught out calling Mrs Lynn such a rude name. Yes she deserved her spanking particularly bearing in mind she had only this morning resolved to be better behaved, very well behaved in fact, yet here she was once again having her bottom severely spanked. At least she comforted herself knowing that as much as the spanking will hurt it was well deserved and one she must suffer, but afterwards she can look forward to several orgasms as she played the spanking over in her mind. Nina’s Mum kept spanking the 20 year old and Nina saw the clock hand move around slowly. Well more slowly for Makalea as she gasped and squirmed and started to cry under the unrelenting torrent of spanks but a bit faster for Nina as she watched the spectacle of Makalea’s rounded bottom being turned a lovely deep pink. As always Nina’s Mum took the spanking very seriously, as a job that had to be done properly, and it had to be hard enough to draw tears that run down the face and dribble on to the floor to ensure the crying continues well after the spanking has ended. Nina was conscious of Makalea’s Mum listening at the other end of the phone whilst sunning herself on the beach and wondered whether Kasmira preferred to spank her own daughter of have her spanked by others. After all Kasmira is a very rich woman with servants who do everything for her, clean the house, make her bed, cook her food, so why not a servant whose job it is to spank Makalea, and even Malena her younger sister. Nina giggled to herself at the thought, a servant whose only job was to spank whoever she was told to spank. Yes, a really funny thought. Nina’s attention was disrupted by her Mum’s voice. “Kasmira, I will use the hairbrush now.” Nina looked at the clock. The hand spanking had gone on for twenty minutes, nonstop, and Makalea’s bottom was a very deep shade of pink. How delicious it looked, so kissable, not to mention the glistening pussy Nina could see as Makalea parted her legs. How sweet would that be to kiss and lick right now thought Nina? Kasmira said down the phone, “Oh good Lynn, make each spank very hard so Makalea learns her lesson particularly as the hairbrush is an extra for having her cum on her knickers.” Makalea sobbed out loud at the discussion between Mrs Lynn and her Mummy. Extras just because she is turned on by being spanked. That is so unfair. There isn’t anything she can do about that after all. “Please Mummy, not that hairbrush, not this time,” Makalea wailed. Her Mum wasn’t sympathetic at all. “Stop whining Makalea. You know very well if your house maid tells me there is cum in your knickers I order her to give you a spanking, so why is it so different this time with Mrs Lynn?” Nina nearly wet herself there and then. She was only thinking about Makalea being spanked by a servant as a joke, but it is true. Makalea could not think of a reason why this was any different. How come her Mummy had an answer for everything though? It didn’t seem to matter what she said, her Mummy would always turn it in to a reason to give her another spanking or extend the spanking she was then being given. As though knowing what Makalea was thinking Kasmira said down the phone, “You see Lynn, Makalea argues all the time even when she knows she deserves every spanking she gets.” Nina’s Mum said unsympathetically, “Strange Kasmira, because it only means I must spank her harder.” Makalea wailed again. ‘Must,’ spank her harder. Surely there was no ‘Must,’ about it. She just hoped Mrs Lynn didn’t look at her pussy which she knew would be glistening with her cum as she was so aroused by the conversation between her and her Mummy. Nina was getting closer and closer to orgasm as she watched the spanking and listened to the conversation between the two Mums which steadily increased her own flow of cum which she knew was staining her own knickers. She hoped beyond hope her Mum wouldn’t carry out an inspection. Nina’s Mum picked up the hairbrush and lay it on Makalea’s bottom. Makalea tensed her bottom as she knew exactly what was resting on it. She could tell it was the hard wooden paddle side of the hairbrush and it was going to be very painful when thrashed down on to her bottom. Nina’s Mum tapped Makalea’s bottom twice with the hairbrush before lifting it above her head. Nina saw Makalea clench her bottom again knowing the paddle was on its way back downwards arcing towards her bare unprotected bottom. Makalea heard the thwack a split second before the pain spread across her right bottom cheek. She knew her bottom bounced back as the hairbrush was raised again and made ready for the next spank, not sure of course whether it will spank her right bottom cheek or her left. In the event it made little difference because Nina’s Mum spanked Makalea with the paddle hairbrush as she did with her hand. Alternate bottom cheeks to begin with then the same bottom cheek for spank after spank before changing to the other bottom cheek. Then the same spot on the same bottom cheek for maybe a dozen spanks, and just when Makalea thought it couldn’t get any worse the spanks rained down the back of her left thigh a dozen times in a row before the spanking moved to her right thigh. Makalea was howling as the paddle brush spanked her again and again. It no longer mattered that she deserved the spanking. She knew that as she bent down across Mrs Lynn’s lap right at the beginning. It was just the spanking was so hard and lasted for such a long time. Her vision was blurred and her cheeks wet with tears, she was crying, her legs kicking, her breasts dancing. What she did think of was getting her fingers inside her pussy and giving herself orgasm after orgasm but that would have to wait as clearly Mrs Scott insisted on such long hard spankings. Nina watched Makalea’s swaying breasts and wanted to take them in her hands and and kiss them, suck those nipples, and at the same time feel Makalea’s soaking wet pussy, flick her erect clit, then press her fingers inside and make Makalea come, in huge orgasmic groans, time and again. Nina had had already come twice as she sat on her chair, her thighs clenched, watching the spanking, and as she watched and she clenched so the quivering of her pussy had accelerated, intensified, the thrill of watching her Mum spank the 20 year old and the 20 year old herself shouting and screaming out in pain was so seductive. As her pussy vibrated so she came again, allowing stuttering breaths through her nose but desperate not to gasp out in ecstasy because if her Mum suspected for a moment she was getting off on the sight of the spanking it will be her own bottom that will once again be spanked, and caned. Nina did control her orgasm, and her stumbling breathing was the only giveaway to how wonderful she was feeling. Nina felt a pang of conscience as she only had a wet pulsating vibrating pussy because Makalea was having her bottom spanked so hard and her screams of pain were turning her on. The pang of conscience only lasted a few moments though because the 20 year old brat so deserved her spanking so really it was her own fault and judging from how Makalea had kissed Nina so passionately after her caning this morning she reckoned Makalea was equally turned on when watching Nina being spanked. So fair game she reckoned. Makalea was still kicking and squealing as the wickedly hard paddle backed hairbrush thrashed down on her bottom time and again. Nina’s Mum was quite focussed though and had been counting the spanks. When she reached the pre-set 100 spanks she stopped and lay the paddle on Makalea’s very red very sore and now bruised bottom. Makalea kept crying and shaking with the pain , her breasts bouncing against Mrs Lynn’s thigh, but Nina noticed the 20 year olds nipples were erect, so knew she was still aroused. Nina’s own nipples were pressing against her vest top, she looked down and saw them protruding and horrified she looked at her Mum to see if she had seen. Her Mum was looking at Makalea’s head as she was rubbing her bottom still and after a few moments said to the back of Makalea’s head, “Time to stand up for the cane Makalea.” Nina breathed a sigh of relief that her protruding nipples were ignored. However when Kasmira said down the phone, “Makalea do as you are told as six can quickly be increased to twelve,” the tone of voice was so authoritative and erotic and Nina’s nipples stiffened even more. Nina slouched her shoulders forward just in time as her Mum looked across at her but her vest had loosened and her erect nipples were out of sight. Makalea eased herself off Mrs Lynn’s lap and stood up immediately rubbing her bottom. Nina looked horrified, a look her Mum spotted, and smiling a hard smile said, “Kasmira, Makalea is rubbing her bottom but I didn’t give her permission.” Kasmira shouted down the phone, “Makalea, stop rubbing now or you will get two extra strokes.” Makalea squealed, “Mummy, my bottom stings so much please let me rub.” Kasmira said sternly, “You have a choice Makalea. You can rub but if you do you will have to take two extra strokes.” Makalea squealed again. She fought to keep her hands by her side knowing that whilst rubbing would help it wasn’t worth the two extra strokes. Nina gasped when she heard the threat. Kasmira is a much sterner woman than she had thought she was. Not just stern but with a whole army of staff she gives orders to. Nina imagined staying at her house, getting in to trouble, and Kasmira casually telling a servant, ‘Take Nina to her bedroom and spank her for half an hour.’ How erotic was that? Nina struggled again to control her breathing as once again she came there and then sitting on her hard chair. Nina’s Mum was directing Makalea. “Bend over grab the chair and make sure your legs are well apart.” “Is she doing it Lynn?” Kasmira asked down the phone. Makalea was bent over and her legs were apart as her Mummy asked the question. “Yes Kasmira,” Lynn said. “Good,” Kasmira said firmly. Nina watched her Mum pick up the cane and position herself behind the 20 year old, resting the cane on the reddened and bruised bare bottom. Makalea gasped as she felt the cane. This would be the first caning she had ever received and her Mummy had encouraged it. Mrs Lynn had threatened to cane her just two days ago and here she was, bent over, legs apart, her breasts hanging down and Makalea knew they would soon be swaying around as the cane did its work and she reacted to the pain. Nina saw again the large beautiful breasts with the erect nipples that she so wanted to suck, would suck when they were alone later, hopefully anyway. Slowly the cane was raised. Makalea recognised the tensing calf to know the cane was on its way down towards her bottom. She heard the swish, felt the cane bite in to her bottom followed by the searing pain as it spread across her bottom, heard a shriek and realised it was herself screaming out in pain. Makalea stood up and rubbed her bottom as she turned and screamed at Mrs Lynn, “Shit that hurt,” and kept rubbing her bottom madly, slowly focussing on Mrs Lynn’s face, saw the glare, knew from old that it was bad news, and blubbered, “I’m sorry Mrs Lynn, really sorry I stood up, I mean please Mrs Lynn, I’m really really sorry, it hurt, I mean really hurt, I…” Makalea trailed off as Mrs Lynn remained silent, flexing the cane between her two hands. Mrs Lynn let go of one end of the cane and tapped the chair. Makalea nodded, turned, bent over and grabbed the seat of the chair repeating, “Sorry Mrs Lynn.” Suddenly her Mummy’s voice echoed from the phone. “Did Makalea stand up Lynn?” Mrs Lynn said, “Yes Kasmira, it seems the stroke was too hard.” “How dare you stand up Makalea. I will not have such disrespect. That stroke doesn’t count, understood. Lynn, start from the beginning please.” “I was about to say the same thing Kasmira,” Lynn said Makalea’s Mummy continued, “If you stand up again then that stroke won’t count either. Understood Makalea?” The hapless 20 year old said, “Yes Mummy.” Nina’s pussy quivered again at the tone of Kasmira’s voice and wondered what she would be like to meet, and be disciplined by, or even by a servant but still under her control. She wondered if Makalea would ever ask her to come and stay with her. Maybe one day. Mrs Lynn smiled as she tapped Makalea’s bottom twice with the cane, raised it, brought it down with a loud thwack across Makalea’s bottom cheeks and happily listened to the scream from Makalea, and kept smiling when she saw the 20 year old struggle to keep hold of the chair and stay bent over. A few seconds later Mrs Lynn rubbed Makalea’s bottom with the cane, tapped it twice, then with a fierce flick raised it and brought it down hard again on Makalea’s bottom. Again Makalea shrieked but stayed in place, now reckoning she could manage being caned. Yes it hurt, really hurt, but the stinging pain sent quivers through her pussy and was turning her on. She wriggled her bottom to shake off the pain and looked at Mrs Lynn’s leg to gauge when the next stroke was coming. Mrs Lynn saw the wriggle and knew she was starting to get through to the twenty year old. To emphasise her authority the next stroke was even harder than the first two and rather than wait she gave the 20 year old a double. Makalea shrieked twice, the second time louder than she had shrieked before and the pain was electric. Makalea was crying as she again shook her bottom, bending her knees, wriggling her bottom, anything to try to shake away the pain. Mrs Lynn said, “Four,” as though emphasising she was keeping count. Mrs Lynn decided another double stroke would suit, lifted the cane, brought it down even harder on Makalea’s bottom and as the shriek filled the room the second stroke was brought down even harder. Lynn looked at Nina who was clenching her thighs together and wondered whether she was as aroused as Makalea appeared to be but only for a second as Makalea’s crying was distracting her. “OK Makalea, that is six strokes.” Makalea stood up with tear filled eyes and wet streaks down her face. She looked at Mrs Lynn with who nodded and her hands flew to her bottom and rubbed very fast. Kasmira said down the phone, “Makalea, thank Mrs Lynn for disciplining you and ask her for the cane again if you are naughty, but twelve strokes next time.” Nina watched intently as Makalea rubbed and her breasts flew around beckoning to be kissed and sucked as did her wet glistening pussy. As she looked on Nina came again on the chair, her orgasm hidden by Makalea’s crying. Makalea turned to Mrs Lynn still rubbing her bottom and repeated what her Mummy had told her to say knowing next time it will be twelve strokes, at least. “No problem Makalea, and yes I will give you at least twelve strokes if I need to cane you again, after a spanking of course.” Makalea said nothing but was crying, right now more interested in rubbing her bottom than arguing anymore. All the fight had been beaten out of her. Mrs Lynn said, “OK girls, I am going out and as I said you will both stay in your rooms. I will be back to make you lunch.” She turned to the phone and said, “Are you happy with the punishment Kasmira.” Kasmira answered, “Oh yes thank you Lynn, very happy. I have made a note of it and will make sure Makalea is given the same when she gets home.” Mrs Lynn looked at Makalea and said, “Face the wall whilst I get ready to go, over there,” pointing at the spot Nina had stood on earlier. Makalea went over, put her hands on her head and pressed her nose against the wall and as she cried and the tears wet her cheek so she clenched her thighs and her pussy quivered and she came, her gasps taken for sobbing, the only sign was her cum dribbling down her thighs. Mrs. Lynn wasn’t looking though, didn’t see, and Makalea cried again with erotic relief and the pain of the caning all mixed in to one. Nina saw the seven wicked lines across Makalea’s so kissable bottom. Yes she will have Makalea again very soon, wanted her, needed her, to kiss her ample welted bottom and suck her large breasts. Nina’s Mum told Nina, “You stay seated Nina and if she moves call me.” “Yes Mum,” Nina replied, happy to sit and look at the 20 year old, albeit she might have preferred standing but knew her Mum wasn’t going to have that. Fifteen minutes later Nina’s Mum came back downstairs, poked her head around the door, and said, “I’m off. You can wash in the bathroom but be in your rooms in ten minutes or else.” Once Nina’s Mum left the house Nina said urgently, “Come on Makalea, let’s get to the bathroom quickly as we only have ten minutes.” Makalea turned. They both went upstairs and in to the bathroom. Nina closed the door and turned to face Makalea who started crying again as she rubbed her bottom furiously but was also so aroused. She threw her arms around Nina’s neck. Nina pulled the 20 year old close and they kissed, their tongues playing with each other, entwined, each kissing the other hard. Moments later Nina felt Makalea’s fingers along her pussy and immediately her own fingers found Makalea’s pussy. Makalea withdrew her tongue and said, “You are so wet already Nina.” Nina laughed and said, “I came so many times downstairs watching you get spanked and caned, seeing your bottom wobble and your breasts shake, it was wonderful to watch.” “I still think your Mum is a bitch,” Makalea said laughing. Nina lightly smacked Makalea’s bottom saying, “You are brave in here young lady, just don’t say that when she is around.” “Maybe,” Makalea said smiling. She rubbed her bottom again and thought maybe she won’t be so brave after all. Nina said, “Mum told me I have to tell her if you call her a name again.” Makalea said in a worried tone, “Nina, you won’t tell her will you?” “No Makalea, of course not.” “You are so great Nina,” Makalea said, happy Nina won’t shop her to her Mum. Nina said, “Now be quiet and take me,” as she put her fingers deep inside Makalea’s pussy and groaned when Makalea’s fingers went deep inside her own. They kissed and caressed each other, Nina kissing Makalea’s neck and breasts whilst Makalea kissed Nina’s neck holding a generous breast in her free hand and squeezing her erect nipple. Soon both girls were groaning and delighting in the tender touch of the other. Moments later both came with long gasps of pleasure. Neither stopped, both kept their tongues working kissing and licking and their lips sucking until they both came a second and a third time. Nina looked at her watch and said urgently, “Quick Makalea, we need to get to our bedrooms.” The two girls gave each other a final lingering kiss before they went to their bedrooms. Nina’s Mum in the meantime telephoned Kasmira on her mobile as she walked. They chatted about the discipline session and both said they found it satisfying. Nina’s Mum said, “You know Kasmira, Makalea keeps saying she is rich and looks down on people. Why don’t you stop her allowance if she is naughty and see if that works?” Kasmira laughed, “I don’t think so Lynn. It would be very difficult stopping her allowance but I think she will earn a spanking in any case. She is a good girl normally but I would far rather keep her allowance going as well as the spankings. After all there is a certain satisfaction knowing she is getting a spanking.” Nina’s Mum laughed. “So true Kasmira.” Kasmira continued, “Do you think they will be in their bedrooms by now?” Nina’s Mum said, “I don’t know. I have never told Nina but I have a listening monitor in the bathroom.” “What and Nina doesn’t know?” “No. Anyway, that is why I always tell her to go to the bathroom after a spanking. It records on to a player in my bedroom so I will listen to it when I get home. If I find something I question Nina and make her tell me everything and she normally spills the beans even if it means another spanking.” “That’s really cool Lynn. What if they have said something rude?” “Then one or both bottoms will be getting another spanking before they go to bed tonight.” “Is that just for rudeness Lynn?” “That and if they masturbate which Nina does regularly after a spanking, or if they play with each other. Actually I’m reckoning Makalea does as well.” “Yes Lynn Makalea definitely masturbates. What do you mean by play though?” Kasmira asked. “Play sexually Kasmira.” “Oh right Lynn,” Kasmira said seriously. She added, “So they will both get a spanking if they have made out together?” “Yes for sure.” “That’s cool Lynn. You are right. It won’t surprise me at all if they are petting each other right now.” “If they are then I’ll find out and will spank their bottoms again.” Kasmira cooed, “Do let me know Lynn.” Lynn said firmly, “Trust me, I will Kasmira.”

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