Negotiate Sex With A Man Who Has A Company

Negotiate Sex With A Man Who Has A Company

Elaine's Top 5 The culture of sex has changed a lot in my lifetime. Twenty years ago Lush would not have worked. Even if the Web had existed, we wouldn't have had the same degree of openness. Photos and clips that are fun today would have been judged as gross, filthy, immoral, and in some cases illegal. My "Top 5" collection of Elaine experiences is about the transition period from then to now. This collection of anecdotes is based on real occurences, with a liberty taken here and there. My intro to culturally open sexuality was through Playboy. God forbid what might have happened if my mother had known what I was thinking and doing with my right hand. My thanks go out to Hugh Hefner and the other sexual revolution pioneers. Then came XXX movies. My wife and I saw our first porn at a theater. We enjoyed it enormously and it led to some wonderful sex. I got a great blow job after we saw Linda Lovelace in Deep Throat at a theater in San Francisco. These historical comments are inserted to help you put my second wife's erotic adventures in context. I was a high roller when Elaine came into my life. A a friend encouraged me to call her with this description: "She looks like Bo Derek from the movie '10' (1979)," but her face is prettier and she has great tits." My life was about to enter a new chapter. Story #5 - first date Somewhere in Orange County I leaned over at a red light and kissed Elaine for the first time. The electricity we felt foretold of great things to come. She had to work the next day so we ended our date at her home and did a little making out on her parents' sofa. I pulled John Thomas out of my pants, but Elaine insisted that nothing would be possible here in her parents' home. As I was leaving, I slipped out my cock once again and pulled Elaine through the front door. "You're not in your parents' home anymore," I said. "How about showing me how much you like me?" Elaine appreciated my logic. She dropped to her knees and milked me to a quick orgasm...and I want to remind you that she was a couple of decades in the vanguard of sexual openness. Up she came with a sweet grin on her beautiful face. "I enjoyed the whole evening," she said. "Every drop."Story #4 - Elaine's special chemistryAbout 25 days per cycle, Elaine is somewhat shy about things sexual. But there is a certain period--72 hours--near the middle of each menstrual cycle when she becomes overtaken with lust. Those were the days when exotic things happened and it was on one of these nights that I asked, "How did you learn to be such a good cocksucker?" She started to glow and boldly offered the first story she ever told me. "Would you like to hear how I lost my virginity?" I gave her an enthusiastic yes. There was a guy in his twenties, she began, who showed up one summer and lived next door. I had noticed from my bedroom window that he went to the family hot tub each evening. One day I saw him jacking off and it made me crazy. I masturbated all night long...probably came twenty times. The next night I saw him going out to the tub. My lust time was at its peak. I put on my swim suit and raced onto the deck behind my parent's bedroom. I wanted to catch him before he wasted his sperm. "Hi, neighbor!" I said, surprising the shit out of him. I asked if I could come over and talk. Roger was on a vacation from college. Nice guy, a little shy. He tried to hide his hard-on, which was cute. I told him I was 16 and said I'd seen his excitement in the hot tub yesterday. "That's my room," I said as I pointed. "Do you know I'm a virgin?" He looked nervous. "I'm sorry about yesterday." "You don't have to be sorry," I said. "But if you're going to do it again, I want to watch. My parents aren't home and I won't tell anyone." If it hadn't been my special time, I never would have said that. "You mean now?" he asked. I said yes, and that's how I came to see my first penis. Roger began by letting the head stick out a couple of inches above his swim suit. He asked if I wanted to make love and I told him I wasn't ready for that, but I'd heard about blow jobs from other girls and that's what I really wanted to do. I moved next to him and squeezed the top of his cock with my thumb and forefinger. It was thick and it felt good. He pulled his suit down and let the whole thing come out. It was kind of purple, with a bulbous head, and it stood out at 45 degrees. I told him I'd never really seen a cock before. "Can I put it in my mouth?" Looking toward my house, he asked if I was sure no one was home. He hadn't worried about that last night, I thought. He told me he really had. "There were no lights in your house last night. How much did you see?" "You started slowly and then went really fast, and it looked to me like you shot your sperm into your towel. I really wished you had done it in my mouth." He asked how I could have thoughts like that if I'd never touched a cock before. "I have a friend," I told him, "who has sucked off a lot of guys. She loves it, and I like hearing her stories. I've been waiting for the right chance and I like you because you won't tell people about me at my school." Elaine got her first mouthful of sperm that night and Roger kept indoctrinating her all through that summer. He fingered her and made her cum with his tongue, but for Elaine the main event was making him cum and eating the sperm. "I loved it then and still do," she said. Story #3 - what do Elaine's stories do to me? I loved my wife's stories. Within six months of meeting her I'd heard the blow by blow details of every sexual experience she ever had. We were married in that time, too. We did stories throughout our marriage and she kept me in the loop for ten years after we got divorced. I came back from an overseas trip one night--about two years after our divorce--and she met me at LAX. I could see that she had something on her mind. She kept glancing at me as she drove. I thought she was going to say we couldn't have sex anymore. Finally she blurted it out, "I sucked a new cock." I was already turned on from seeing her, but her statement aroused me to a world class high. I wanted to hear the details instantly but I also wanted to wait until we were naked and ready for love making. My favorite way to hear stories was to start with kissing and touching and body foreplay. They I would lick and finger her pussy until she came. Sometimes that happened quickly. On other days it took a long time. Both ways were fine. Then I'd put my cock in her and ask her for a story. Sometimes we were face to face; sometimes I would put my face over her shoulder and move gently in and out as she built up the story. I'd get so aroused that the climaxes would be massive...and to this day I really love things like Penthouse Letters and now Lush. Sometimes I hardly had to do any fucking; her stories all but got me off. In this case I wanted to hurry home to her bed, but that was an hour from LAX. My inquiring mind wanted to know NOW. Who was he? "He was installing new blinds in my apartment. He was young, good looking and in good shape. It was my passionate time of the month and I couldn't stop myself." I was opening my pants. I didn't want to cum this way but those first few words had me on high alert. She stopped at a red light and plunged her mouth to the hilt over my cock. She offered to stop and take my cum. "I'll know you like new stories," she said. She pulled into a side street near one of the car rental depots and shut down the engine. We moved the passenger seat all the way back and I put her in the seat so I could get between her knees and taste her pussy. Any number of eyes could have been watching us from their apartment windows. Her honey pot was juicy and a little smelly that night,
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but the smell was erotic. "Did you fuck him?" I asked, as I licked and fingered her pussy. "No, he was married and didn't have much time." I sat him on the couch and pulled down his jeans. He said no one had ever propositioned him like that. He asked me if women really like giving blow jobs. "I do," I said, and I proceeded to prove that to him. He came very quickly and I loved it. He said his wife didn't do that for him. I asked if he wanted to come back from time to time and he said he'd better not. He really loved it, of course, but he felt it was wrong. I plunged my cock into Elaine and did my best to work toward an orgasm. The position was uncomfortable and I wished I'd waited until we got to her place. I asked her if she wanted me to cum in her mouth." She gave the answer I knew she would. "Here it comes," I said. I pulled out and scrambled up like I was doing an emergency evacuation. She lunged forward to catch my first spurts and all the rest that followed. Oh, God, I love her hungry mouth. Story #2 - her only twosome Two guys from a bar came upon Elaine during one of her moon times. This was before I met of the many stories she aroused me with. The guys put a VCR in their TV and started playing a porn movie. She sat on the sofa between them and soon had one cock in each hand. During these randy periods, she didn't need romancing or foreplay. She just wanted to get to the cocks and make them cum. "I didn't watch the video," she said. "The guy on my right got hard and juicy right away so I concentrated on him. Before long I was on my knees, trying my best to get him off. I'm very proud of my ability to get a man to cum." It's funny that she thinks that way. Elaine is really beautiful. Her hair is silky and golden and that's without any coloring. She has big blue eyes and perfectly shaped breasts that are big but not too big. She's well above average but with no drooping. Plus any man would be turned on by the way she enjoys tasting and sucking cock. With all this going for her, she still thinks she has to prove herself each time as a competent cocksucker. "The other guy got behind me and pulled down my panties," she said. "I never even looked back. I just felt him fingering me and then working his dick inside of me. It was the first time I ever had a cock in each end at the same time." As with all of Elaine's stories, I got rock hard each time she did this story. Many times I asked her to tell the story about the two guys and each telling would bring out one or two little nuances I had not heard before. Art was the guy that had started on her right. He had a long cock that wasn't very fat. She liked that kind of cock because she could get it well into her throat. Fat ones were more difficult. Art came first. She got bounced out of position by Charlie and lost her grip on Art as he was cumming. He sprayed his seed all over her hair and onto her tits. Then she asked Charlie to climb back on the sofa and take his turn. His shorter and slightly fatter dick was sloppy with her juices. No problem. Elaine sucked him to climax in just a couple of minutes and felt damn proud. Story #1 - my favorite Back in the summer when Elaine was blowing Roger almost every night, she was asked one evening to fill in as a wedding waitress at a country club. The job paid $50 for about six hours, an attractive deal in those days. Most guests were gone by midnight but the father of the bride approached Elaine with an offer. "Some of us are going to play poker. We'll pay you $100 if you'll stay and serve beer and clean up after we finish." She and one other teenager accepted. She and the boy sat in the kitchen and took turns waiting on the guys. About three in the morning the boy started feeling sick and asked if he could leave. One of the players came into the kitchen to give him his pay and asked Elaine if she minded staying a little longer. She agreed. This guy was the youngest of the poker group--about forty. He hung around the kitchen until the boy waiter left and then popped the big question to Elaine. "Would you like to make an extra $500?" he asked.Elaine said yes, thinking she would be asked to work another party on a different day. "We're not trying to insult you, but we want you to give Mr. Maroni a blow job?" When she first told this story, I went crazy with anticipation at this point. "I immediately wanted to accept," she said. "But I didn't want to be known as a whore. I didn't want something like this to get back to my parents." She asked if all the other guys would be watching. He told her yes; they put up the money. They thought she was very beautiful. That was a "No shit, Sherlock" kind of remark. "I don't know," Elaine told him. "Let me think about it." The guy went back to the table and she could hear all of them cheer when he gave the news. "A few minutes later I went out with a tray of beer. They all stopped what they were doing and focused one hundred percent on me. I hadn't made up my mind yet, but I knew they were going to ask for an answer." I told them I didn't want to get in trouble. One of the guys responded with one of the classic Big Lies. "We won't tell anyone about this." And then he added, "We decided we'll chip in $500 more if you'll take off your clothes. Have you ever given a blow job?" She blushed and told them yes. "But I'm a virgin. I've never had sex." They cheered all around. At this point in the story I pushed into Elaine and filled her pussy with cum. I couldn't wait. "This is your best story. Why didn't you ever tell me this before?" I asked. "I didn't know what you would think of me." "I think I love you. You're the sexiest woman in the world. I can't wait to hear what happened." Elaine asked the guys if she could leave her panties on. One of them asked the others, "What do you think, guys? Can she blow Mr. Maroni naked except for her panties?" All agreed. The younger guys stood up and pulled the table back away from Mr. Maroni. "Okay, Henry, let's see what you've got? It's our treat." They invited Elaine to sit down and take off her shoes. She continued with her story. "I was dripping with anticipation. I didn't care about sucking off the old guy. I kind of thought that would be boring. But I was excited about having all the other guys as my audience. I wanted to impress them. "I took off my shoes and stood up to take off my pants. Someone asked me to start with my blouse and bra. 'Save the pants for last,' he said." My cock was stiff again and I knew I'd be cumming big when the story ended. Elaine continued, "I looked over at Mr. Maroni. He had a horse cock laying flaccid across his pants. I'd only seen one other cock and there was no comparison. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get that thing in my mouth. I definitely couldn't get much of it. The guys saw my reaction and started talking about Mr. Maroni's big cock. Elaine took off her blouse and bra and walked over to the bride's father. Now her pride took over again. She knew she had to get him hard and then she had to get him off. She got on her knees between his legs and reached up for that monster cock. "Hi there," she said. She grabbed him with both hands and rubbed his meat against her breasts. Maroni showed his appreciation by suggesting, "Honey, if you can get me to cum I'll throw in an extra thousand bucks. Do you take challenges?" I was so anxious to know how this would end. Can you understand why I liked her stories so much? She was way ahead of her time. This was more than twenty years ago. Elaine went home with $3,150 bucks. Besides her pay, she won the Maroni challenge and, based on popular demand, sucked off the five younger guys for $200 each. For more than two decades this has been my favorite story.

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