That Mosul fucks a Latin between her big and beautiful locks

That Mosul fucks a Latin between her big and beautiful locks

Liz woke up bleary eyed to the alarm clock that had rudely awoken her. She dragged herself out of bed, and got herself ready for another day. She decided to go for the 1940’s hair and make up style because it was just so damn sexy. Now she had to decide what to wear. Liz took out a dark red velvet with white lace trim set of bra, knickers and suspender belt. She teamed it with tight knit seamed fishnet stockings with black high mid platform heels. A grey high waisted skirt with braces, a little too small cream silk blouse and a loose black tie finished the ensemble. Combined with the dark eyeliner and brilliant red lipstick, it all made for a very sensual look.Upon arriving at the school, Liz did as she always did now and went up to Mr. Harper’s office, knocked the door and waited to enter. However, this time she didn’t get the usual reply within a few moments. Unsure, she waited there for a few moments more. Suddenly and very surprisingly, Mr. Harper was upon her, shoving her against the door. He peeled her skirt up, pulled her panties to the side and was thrusting his cock into her with one sharp quick motion. Liz held her tongue as she had been instructed in the past. He pounded her, steadying himself with his hands at her waist. At last, a great groan indicated that Mr. Harper had finished and Liz could feel the warm liquid dribble down her. He slapped her buttock, put her panties back in place, pulled her skirt back down and gave it one last slap for good measure. “Good morning Miss Cummington, please come in.” Mr. Harper said, straightening out his suit and refastening his trousers. As he opened the door and went inside, Liz let out a breath and followed behind him.“Now Miss Cummington, I will be out for the day to address your living conditions,” he said smiling at her. “I have a small cottage that will be yours in due course but I just need to do a few fixes and tidying.” He paused for a second. “Consider this your extra payment for our little arrangement," he said with a smile, then took out a few papers from his desk and they both left his office.The rest of the day went by quite pleasantly for Liz. It was a glorious late spring day, the birds were chirping, the sun was full of heat and she was able to eat her lunch under one of the great oaks on the lawns. Liz couldn't quite believe that she was about to come into possession of a cottage before she was thirty. This was an ambition she had all but given up on. Given the location that the school and Mr. Harper's manor was in, she was hoping the cottage would be thatched.Finally, the day came to an end, and as always, Liz stayed behind well after everyone else had left. By about seven, Liz had become thoroughly bored, had drunk enough tea to last her a life time and had maxed out her score of her favourite game on her phone. She had started considering leaving for home when Mr. Harper tooted his car horn. As she looked out the window, he motioned for Liz to join him. As she walked down the stairs she could feel her heart pounding and, as she stepped into Mr. Harper's car, she gave him a nervous smile. “Don’t be so nervous. I think you’ll very much like your new home,” Mr. Harper said warmly.As they drove down in the direction of Mr. Harper's manor house, they turned down a small track that turned out to be the driveway to Liz’s new home. It was beautiful. white stone, with small leaded windows, a low thatch roof with white and red roses climbing up the side of the house. The garden was part lawn and part vegetable garden. The tomatoes were in season and there were bees busy tending to all the plants.They walked up the garden path through a small gate and arrived at the door. Mr. Harper then handed Liz a pair of keys with a smile. Liz could hardly believe it. With trembling hands, she put the key in the lock, turned it, opened the door and stepped into her new home. The first room they stepped into was the kitchen, all low beams, slate and a small log burner at one end with a rustic wooden dining table. They skipped the full tour and quickly made their way up to the bedroom, Mr. Harper had to stoop to get through the door but once they were both in Liz embraced him, and drew him in with a long and passionate kiss.They stayed like that for some time, locked togeth
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er, their hands searching over one another. Liz broke off the kiss, held Mr. Harper by his tie and backed towards the bed. They fell together onto the bed and resumed their kiss. Liz began removing his clothing piece by piece. Slipping off his jacket, sliding free his tie and started unbuttoning his shirt. He then threw off his shirt, took Liz by one of her hands and bound her wrist to the headboard with his tie. Then, looking Liz in the eyes. He slowly untied the black tie that Liz was wearing and wrapping it around her other wrist, secured her to the bed.He paused a moment to look upon her lying there. Arms bound to the headboard, breasts heaving, clothing clinging to her feminine figure. He lingered, fingers tracing the outline of her breasts beneath the tight fitting fabric then began slowly unbuttoning her blouse one button at a time. The suspense building until the blouse fell open, revealing her breasts, constrained in the red velvet and white trim bra.He scooped out her mounds freeing them. Leaning down, he ran his tongue over her breasts, flicking the hardening nipples, nibbling them, grazing them with his teeth. Then he kissed his way down towards her stomach, giving each inch a small peck, before drawing up her skirt so that it gathered around her waist and pulled down her now thoroughly damp panties. He inhaled deeply, taking in her scent and stealing himself for what was about to begin. He kissed her thighs, slowly easing closer then he began licking her femininity, making circular motions, kissing and nibbling. Liz’s legs raised, her body writhed with involuntary motion, the constriction of her bound arms made each sensation all the more powerful.He quickened his pace, building and building. His tongue circling her throbbing clit, then flicking the tip, then taking it between his lips and sucking on it. Liz let out a great cry, loud enough that the small birds nesting outside the bedroom window took flight. He raised his head, her juice glistening on his face, and they kissed. Liz tasted herself on Mr Harper’s lips. As they kissed, Liz felt him undoing his trousers. He cradled his cock in his hand and ran it along her wet slit, coating it in her juices. Then with a gasp from both of them, he pushed it deep inside her.He started slowly, long careful strokes, going deep into her. He played with her breasts. Fingers rubbing them and rolling the nipples between his fingers. As he did so, he pushed himself deeper inside her. Holding himself there, he gathered his hands around each of Liz’s open stocking clad legs, brought himself almost out then slammed back in again. Increasing the pace and ferocity of each thrust. Liz cried out in pleasure with every thrust deep inside her, her breasts bouncing, each of them panting, using each other's motion to maintain speed, in tune. He quickened his pace, Liz felt him stiffen and with a cry he came. She felt his orgasm burst within her as he tensed above her, then slowly lowered himself to her, wrapping their arms around each other.They stayed there for quite some time together, getting their breath back, soaking in the moment. He then pulled out, reached up and untied her arms and smiling broadly asked, “What do you think then?”“It’s wonderful,” Liz replied, lying down on the bed, one hand cradling her head as she looked at him.“Good,” he replied. “You may keep yourself as you are, there isn't a soul for miles and the house is well secluded.” And with that, Mr. Harper stood up and went to the bathroom to clean himself off. Liz swung her legs off the bed, stood up as she did so her skirt slid down a little, her nipples still erect and on display with her blouse hanging open.They walked around the house, Mr. Harper showing Liz each room. As she admired her new home, in every room he kissed her and roamed his hands over her partially naked body as they toured the house before ending at the kitchen door.“Now if you give me your keys to your old place I can collect your things and you may get settled in,” he told her. “I have already brought round a few of your things I had in my possession and some extras I have purchased for my own enjoyment,” he added with a smile. “There is some food in the cupboards. Well, enjoy. I will see you later.” And with that, Mr. Harper left. 

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