Maria is a naughty babe waiting to fuck you

Maria is a naughty babe waiting to fuck you

Hi, my name's Tim. I'm going to tell you the story of how I became interested in spanking. It was the summer between my Sophomore and Junior year in college. My girlfriend Donna and I had been going steady for about a year. Donna lived with her father, but he worked a lot, according to her. We were, well, we were teenagers with raging hormones and we went after each other every chance we could. Donna wasn't on the pill, so we used condoms - both of us were horny, but we weren't stupid. One July evening, we were at Donna's place. She had said we would have the place to ourselves, as usual. I rented a movie and we started watching it on her couch with the lights off, but I think we both knew that was just a pretense for what we both wanted to do. I don't remember exactly how we started, but I started fondling her breasts through her shirt and she started rubbing my cock through my pants while we kissed hungrily. Before too long, we were practically tearing each other's clothes off. She immediately started to go down on me. She always said that sucking my cock was one of her favorite things to do. Almost as good, she said, as when I took that hard cock and rammed it in her pussy (she would always reiterate "Almost" after saying that, with a wink and a smile). As her head bobbed up and down on my cock and I started to pant, the lights in the room suddenly turned on and a voice boomed from behind us, "What the hell is going on here?" Both of us scrambled for a moment, at first not knowing whether to reach for our clothes or get away from each other. We both started to stand, each of us with a handful of clothes - not necessarily our own - and I saw the owner of the voice. He looked like he was in his 30s - had I been thinking clearly, I would have thought he was quite young to be Donna's father. He had black hair and a mustache and was dressed in a suit and tie. As we scrambled to our feet he shouted again, "Just stop. Both of you." We froze, both of us naked. I held Donna's wadded up shirt in front of my groin and she had one hand covering both breasts and held the other in front of her crotch. Donna's father moved closer. He spoke again, "Here's what's going to happen now. Donna's going to be punished. Tim, I can't punish you directly, but you're going to learn something anyway. Get dressed." He turned to Donna and continued, "Hands behind your head. Nobody in this room hasn't seen what you're hiding, Donna." She tossed the clothes she had in her hand on the couch and slowly moved her hands behind her head, her bottom lip beginning to tremble. I gathered my clothes up and started to put them on. While I did that, Donna's father went to the kitchen and returned with a kitchen chair. When I was finished, he pointed to the chair, looked at me and said, "Sit down." I did so. He took up a position in front of me, looked me in the eye and began to speak. "Here's what we're going to do. Donna is going to be spanked tonight, and you're going to start. She is going to get over your knee and you are going to spank her." At this point Donna's eyes got wide and she shouted out, "Daddy! Noooo!" He turned to her and shouted back, "Quiet! You brought this on yourself! You're going to learn to control yourself, and your boyfriend here is going to be part of that lesson!" She began to whimper quietly. He turned back to me and continued, "I am going to count every swat you give her that isn't hard enough. And for every one I count, she's going to get a swat from me with the paddle. And let me tell you, she's had that paddle before. Just look in her eyes." I looked over to her and saw immediately that the mention of the paddle had brought some fear to them. "If you have feelings for her, then you're going to want to spare her as much of that as possible, and the way to do that will be to spank her hard. You'll keep going until I say to stop. Donna, get over his knee. Now!" She looked at me. Her eyes pleaded with me, but she said nothing. She took small steps towards me until she was standing at my right side. Part of me saw her standing there, nude, her hands still behind her head, her eyes moist and glistening. The lust that I was feeling while she was sucking my cock had disappeared in a moment when we were caught, but something in that moment while she stood next to me began to bring it back. My cock twitched to life in my pants. She brought her hands down from behind her head and braced herself with them on my left thigh as she lowered herself down into place. I adjusted my own position as best as I could. She got into place quickly. She clearly had done so before. Her ass was positioned just to the right of my right thigh, and her breasts hung down to the left of my other thigh. Her hands grabbed onto the legs of the chair, and she held her legs straight. I looked down at my girlfriend, who I loved, as she was draped across my lap. I looked back up at her father. He simply looked back at us and said, "Good. Now begin!" I looked down at her ass. I thought I could see it quiver slightly, but I'm not sure. I had never done anything like this in my life and had never been spanked by my parents, so I wasn't sure how to proceed. I held my hand, fingers together, like I was about to slap someone across the face, then brought it down sharply on Donna's left butt cheek. It made a loud "splat" sound and I saw the flesh under my hand ripple slightly. Donna's father almost sounded like he was laughing, "That's all you've got? You're going to have to do better than that. One!" I brought my hand higher and tried again, this time aiming for the other cheek. My effort was rewarded with a louder noise followed by an "Ooh!" from Donna. Donna's father chimed in, "Better, but not good enough. Two!" I looked at my hand. It was feeling the impact as well, though I imagined it wasn't nearly as bad as what Donna was feeling. I wasn't going to be able to keep this up with a stiff hand. I relaxed it somewhat and again raised it high and brought it down hard on her left butt cheek, bringing another "Ooh!" from her lips. Her father still wasn't satisfied and added, "Three!" Donna turned her head up towards me and practically screamed, "Please, Tim! Just do it, for God's sake!" I reached back and brought my hand down and slammed her ass with all my might. A moment after the sound of the impact filled the room, Donna's voice let out a loud yelp. Donna's father said simply "There. Keep that up." I spanked her again, and she yelped again. This time, Donna's father said
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nothing. Again, I brought my hand down. This time, Donna's yelp was joined with sniffling as I brought my hand back for the next one. I kept spanking Donna while her father watched. Whenever my efforts slacked the slightest bit, he would shout out another number. Still, he kept watching and I kept spanking. At one point he ordered, "Faster!" I began to spank her once a second. By this point she was crying continuously, but she stayed in place on my lap, accepting the discipline that her father was giving her by proxy. Finally, her father said, "That's enough." My hand was stinging and sore, and I shook it to try and relieve it. Donna's bottom was lobster-red. She lay across my lap limply like a rag doll. Her only movement was caused by her chest heaving as she sobbed. Donna's father said, "Both of you, stand up." I helped Donna to her feet and then rose after her. She rubbed her bottom with her hands as she stood there crying. Donna's father said, "You two stay put. I'm going to go get the paddle." Donna's eyes were downcast as she rubbed her bottom. I said, "Hey Donna," to get her attention. She looked up at me and I continued, "I'm sorry." She nodded and said, "I know. I'm sorry too. I love you, Tim." I replied, "I love you too." Our conversation was interrupted as we heard her father approaching. We both turned to the hallway to watch him come in. He had with him what looked like a fraternity paddle. It was light wood, but including the handle it must have been 18 inches long. He entered the room and said, "Alright, Donna, Over the back of the chair. By my count, you have 9 coming." Donna sighed and walked to the chair and turned it around so that the back faced her. The chair back was just about waist high, but she had to get on tip-toe to bend over it. I stood a few feet away and from my vantage point, I could see her beautiful pussy - the pussy that I had hoped to fuck tonight when the evening started - peeking out between her thighs. Her father walked between us over to her left side, positioning himself for what he was about to dish out. He looked back at me and said, "If you have any feelings for my daughter, then this is going to hurt you at least as much as her." His eyes locked on mine for a moment and I felt my cheeks burn in shame. He looked back at his daughter, tapped her ass with the paddle and said, "Are you ready?" Donna's voice sounded fearful and timid as she replied, "Yes, daddy." He reared back and slammed the paddle down on her ass. The noise hardly stopped echoing in the room before it was joined with her high pitched scream. Her father didn't give her more than a second before he repeated the action, making her scream again. As I watched him savage his daughter - my girlfriend - with a hardwood paddle, the lustful side of me again reappeared. Two white circles began to form on the bottom of her ass cheeks as the punishment continued, but I could see her plump pussy lips too, and my cock began to firm up again. By the 6th stroke, Donna no longer reacted to each stroke, but rather just continuously cried as she took her punishment. Finally, it was done. Her father turned to me immediately and simply said, "Get out." I turned and left without another word, leaving Donna still crying, bent over the chair. That image burned in by brain. I can still see it in my mind today exactly as it was. The white "bullseye" marks from the paddle were just beginning to turn purple, but the rest of her bottom was still red from her earlier spanking - my spanking. I went straight home and masturbated twice before going to sleep despite all of the things Donna and I had shared, that was the image that made me come. I met Donna the next day at a park. I took her in my arms and just held her, and she held me. We kissed each other for a long time. Finally, I said, "I'm sorry, Donna, that I did that to you. I don't know whether I'm sorrier that I spanked you or that I did badly enough that you got 9 from his paddle." She smiled and replied, "I'm sorry too, Tim." I asked her, "What happened after I left?" She didn't answer right away. She bit her lip and looked away, not holding eye contact. Finally she said, "That's kind of why I have to apologize to you, Tim. I have a confession to make - that wasn't my dad." I was dumbfounded. I couldn't quite process what I was hearing. As I stood there with my mouth open, she spoke again, "I've always been interested in spanking, and as long as we've been going together, I've wanted you to spank me, but I was afraid to ask. I've had boyfriends before who have either freaked out or tried to psychoanalyze me or... I don't know, do anything but take me over their knee! I guess I got tired of losing guys, so I figured out a way to make you spank me. And now that I look back, I realize that wasn't quite fair." I just processed what she was saying for a long time. Finally, the obvious question came out: "So who was that guy?" "He's a dom I met at a local munch." She saw the confusion in my face and explained further, "A munch is a social gathering of people into BDSM. Nothing goes on - just talk. I'll explain later. Anyway, he agreed to help me make the scene happen. After you left, he made sure I was ok, and then he left too. No funny business." I still couldn't quite believe it. She must have seen the confusion in my face. She came closer and wrapped me in a hug, "I'm sorry if I hurt you, Tim, but I didn't cheat on you, or at least, I don't feel like that's what it was." She smiled and added, "And I felt your cock poking me when you were done spanking me. You can't tell me that you didn't like it, can you?" I had to admit to myself that she was right. But I still felt like I had been used, somehow. That what she had done was wrong. And then, like a lightning bolt, from the sky, the obvious solution to my dilemma jumped into my head. I said, "No, Donna, I did like it. But it was very, very naughty of you, wasn't it?" I brought my face away from her and stared directly into her eyes. In the space of about a second, I saw three distinct changes in her face. First, I saw a brief flash of astonishment, then just the briefest hint of recognition and happiness, and then I saw her scrub that away and avert her eyes and in the meekest voice I may have ever heard her use, she said, "Yes, sir." And that was how it started. I spanked her for her deception on her already bruised and tender bottom until she cried and promised me she would be a good girl from then on. And she mostly was... Mostly...

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